“Emma?” “Emma?” “Emma?”

I was dancing in my old ballet studio and all I kept hearing were all this distant voices saying my name. I ignored them and carried on dancing to ‘Skinny love’ swaying my arms and doing a perfect pirouette. Out of nowhere my last dancing partner came rushing to the studio, turning off the music.

“Emma? Wake up!”



*Louis P.O.V*

“GODDAMN IT. She’s just like you Zayn” I said exasperate.


“Okay get out of my car you’re going to overwhelm her. I’ll wake her up” I said annoyed.

“Don’t worry Boo I’ll wake her up” Harry said trying to get inside the car.

“I got it, okay?”

“She’s my girlfriend and I WILL carry her to the restaurant.”

I rolled my eyes and stopped him from coming any further inside the car, he was trying to get me outside the car but Emma’s head was on my lap so it was easier if I just wake her up.   “Harry you can’t carry her to the restaurant and wake her up in front of the people that are inside, she’ll murder you”

“Well you seem to know her more than I do isn’t that right?!”

“You obviously are moody when you wake up so go inside and I’ll be there with Emma.”

“Okay guys stop fighting about who wakes her up? I’m hungry, so hurry up” Niall said serious.

The whole crew was waiting outside the car for us to get out and have a nice dinner.

“Everything is going to be okay if Louis moves his stupidly huge ass and let me wake up my girlfriend.”

I ignored him and stroke Emma’s hair.

“Emmork, wake up! We want to see your beautiful big blue eyes sleepy head.” I whispered in her ear.

She was peacefully laying there and my voice seemed to send shivers so she cuddled closer muttering several words.

“See…you don’t even know how to wake her up properly” Harry said under his breath, ignoring him one more time I studied her face carefully, every feature, and every movement her body made.

“So are you going to wake her up or what?” I heard one of the girls say. I didn’t recognize the voice since I don’t talk to them very often.

 “Yes, go inside we need a table” I said I smiled as my fingers traveled down to her waist Harry cleared his throat. I looked at him.



“Haz, please”

He stared at me for a few seconds and then his features soften, he nodded and without saying a word he walked away.

I went back to look at Emma who was still peacefully sleeping, I started poking her sides making her shuffled away from me, poking then turned into tickling.

Her big blue eyes opened and she was gasping for air, that’s when I stopped, a smirk formed in my face.

“We’re here”

“You…” She placed her hand over her chest. “You are an idiot.”

I just smirked at her and watched as she fixed her hair.

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