I walked to the little restaurant, I wasn’t hungry but I needed a place to stay for a while then I looked over the bakery, it looks like a nice place to stay and wait for your aunt. Hmmm? I was standing there staring at the two places like a total idiot…I could feel it because three girls from the restaurant walked past me and started laughing at me. 

"Excuse me? Do you want a table?" A young girl asked me.

"Yes please" She walked me to my table and I sat down, I was next to the window.

"Do you want anything to drink?"

"A bottle of water please"

"Alright, here’s a menu"

I saw her walked away and three boys coming my way were checking her out. 

Hmm...Chicken nuggets? I started giggling and I thought of Harry. Fish and chips? No. Salad? No. Hamburger? No. 

"Are you ready to order?" The waitress came back so fast, and she was holding my bottle of water, she placed it carefully in the table.

I looked at the menu one more time."Can I please get an order of chicken nuggets?" I said satisfied with my choice.

"Alright, anything else?"

"Nope, I’m good"

Those boys are looking over here. Shit. I stared at my phone for two minutes not knowing what to do. I had 3 messages, each from one of the girls. I’ll just answer them later. I looked over the window and I saw Felicity. What?  She was at the bakery, damn she looks pissed. 

"Hi "A boy with long black hair said sitting in front of me, he was a little shy I could tell. But Louis right...don't talk to strangers.

"Excuse me but what the hell do you think you’re doing?"

"I just…it’s a dare!" He stammered

"Well um…I don’t know you and I don’t feel comfortable with you being here?"

"What are you doing alone?" He said completely ignoring what I just said.

"Waiting for my aunt and trying to call my cousin! The one on the other side of the road!"

"You’re cousin is Felicity?" He said shocked

"Yes she’s my cousin, well sort of, his dad is married to my aunt?"

"Is it true that Harry and her are no longer a couple?" He said looking at the blonde girl outiside the bakery.

"Yes it’s true, what’s your name?" I asked politely

"Oh my god. YES! Oh sorry I'm James!"

"Well James I have no interest in making new friends in London but you seem nice, I guess your dare is over. Walk away boy! My food is coming!" I said laughing.

"Alright nice meeting you hmm… " I cut him off..."Emma and yeah..Same."

He walked away and the lady came rushing back a glass and my food. Nom Nom Nom this is delicious. I looked over the window and Felicity was walking away with the three boys. Oh well! 


*30 minutes later*

"Was your food okay?" The waitress asked with a small smile.

"Amazing, delicious!" I replied

"Good, good! Do you want the bill now or you want a dessert?"

"No, thank you I’m full and yes please the bill"

After 2 minutes she came back with the bill I inmediatley gave her my credit card, she came back again, I signed and that’s it. 

"Thank you" She smiled at me as I left the restaurant

I’m lost, Louis was right. I have nowhere to go. I started walking on the street day dreaming about Harry and thinking if I should call Louis so he can come and pick me up or stay here and let some pedo come and rape me. I'm seriously such a drama queen. My thoughts disappeared when I bumped into someone who made me fall and break my leg. Just kidding I didn’t break my leg but I did felt a lot of pain in my ass. I looked up to the person who was apologizing and handing me a hand so I could get up, I smiled at him, recognizing that beautiful face.


"I’m so sorry Emma, are you alright?"

"It’s okay, yeah fine just a lot of pain in my ass" I chuckled.

I did not just say that! He’s laughing. Seriously what’s wrong with me these days?

"Well sorry I hurt your really nice bum" Harry said looking at my ass.

"HEY STOP looking at my butt"




"BUTT" I argued back.

"I give up, you win" He said winking at me. “So what are you doing here?”

"I was going to spend over some nights with my Aunt because my friends kinda ditched me for their boyfriends but now I’ll have to call Lou so he can come and pick me up because my aunt is not here. What about you? What are you doing here?" I said talking really fast.

"Oh I see, well yeah after Felicity and I broke up, her parents left for a little vacations, when she told me she had the whole house to herself that’s when we broke up, well they’re not here! Don’t call him yet!!! and I kind of live here...and I work at the bakery."

"Ohhh, well I don’t wanna have sleepover with her. I wasn’t going to... are you going to work now or you’re free?"

"No you don’t " He said chuckling " And lucky for you I’m free! Maybe we can hang out?"

"Sure. So you work at a bakery? The Holmes Chapel Bakery?!" I said reading the big sign with the name on it.

"Indeed " He said looking at the floor while we started walking.  There was a silence, an awkward silence until Harry finally said something

"We gotta stop bumping into each other" He said laughing lightly

"Well it’s always your fault."

"No, you’re the one who’s never paying attention of what’s in front of you"

"That's not true"

"It’s true!!!"

 (It's called small bump because it reminded me of Ed Sheran's song..random hehe)

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