“I had no idea you cooked, darling.” Jay said as she helped me set the table for breakfast.

“I do, I took some cooking classes and my mom is kind of like a housewife so she cooks a lot and she has taught me some recipes!”

“Awww well this looks delicious but you didn’t have to do breakfast for us.”

“This is a way of saying thank you for having me in your house” I said smiling.

“You should come more often sweetheart! You’re welcome whenever you want” She said smiling and I chuckled.

“Oh I’d love to come back any chance I have! I promise, thank you” I said smiling.

“Alright doll, you go wake up Louis and I’ll wake up the girls”

“Oh nooo” I said motioning her to sit down. “You stay here.” I smiled and ran upstairs to Fizzy’s room. I let myself in and I tip toed to her bed, where she was peacefully sleeping.

“Fiz, wake up!” I said clapping my hands.

“Five more minutes” She mumbled, cuddling with her teddy bear.

“No. Get up! I made you guys breakfast and now you have to eat it! Hurry up or it will get cold!” I said already walking away from her and making my way inside of Lottie’s room.

“Oh god it’s so dark in here” I said tripping over something and falling on the floor. 

“SHHHH” I stood up and walked over to where her window was and used both my hands to open the curtains and let some sunshine inside the pink room. 

“Wake up I made you breakfast” I turned around and saw her trying to hide under her covers. 

“NO. Go away”

“Wake up please! I’ll take you shopping if you wake up now”

“Rise and shine” I saw her get up and walked out the door flashing me a smile. I giggled and followed behind her.

“Alright...time to wake up the Tommo” I said to myself as an evil smirk formed in my lips.

I silently tip toed and opened the door to his room. He was sleeping in his airbed probably because the previous night I had completely taken over his bed. When I found him almost on the floor this morning I felt bad so that’s why I decided to make breakfast for the Tomlinson family.

“Wake up sleeping beauty” I said slapping his butt.

“Don’t ever put your grassy hands on my ass again or I’ll kill you.”

“Damn…someone is really cranky when they wake up…”

“No one beats you, babe”


“I was waiting for you to do something mean or evil…what happened?”

“I already did.”

“What?” He said furrowing his eyebrow with confusion and scanning around the room.

“I made you sleep on the floor “I smirked.

“Oh yeah, you’re going to pay for that” 

“Ha I don’t think so. Now let’s go I made breakfast” I said smiling proudly.

“You-you made breakfast?” He gasped and put his hand on his hip and the other hand he used it to run his fingers through his hair.

“Is that so bad?” I laughed.

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