"What a cute park! "–I said because I didn’t want to continue with that argument.

"Yes, it’s one of my favorite places to hang out"

"Well I can totally see why!"

"Let’s see who can get first to the swings."

"Okay at the count of three....One…"


"THREE" We both said at the same time.

We ran to the blue swings but obviously he was the one who got first, I was distracted laughing at how his curls were jumping up and down, it was cute.

"I WON" He said with his arms in the air. "WOOO...WOOO"

"Yeah, yeah whatever"

"You’re just jealous that I won"

"Me? Jealous? You wish"

"Admit it "


"Fine but I know you’re jealous"He smirked.

It was nice, me swinging on the swings next to my crush. A bit weird but cute.

"Are you dating anyone?" 

Well that took me by surprise!

"Me? What? No!"

"That’s a shame"


"Well you’re just…never mind" He said staring at the floor and looking embarrased.


"Emma?" He mocked.

"ARE YOU OKAY?" I realized he had jumped off his swing.

"Yes, never been better. It’s your turn"



"You’re crazy?!"

"No I’m not, I’ll catch you! What could go wrong?"

"A lot of things could go wrong and I don’t trust you"

"You don’t trust me?!" Harry said trying to look hurt.

"Nope I don’t!"

"Well I’m gonna have to change that"He winked at me

"I’ll kick you in the face Harry! JUST SIT DOWN." He smiled at me and did as I told him. 

"What can we do to get to know each other without being creepy?"

"What do you mean?" Aww he wants to know more about me.

"Truth or Dare or something like that"

"Oh, well no. I don’t like truth or dare, let’s play 20 questions; I played that game with the girls that are now my best friends" I smiled

"Talking about that, where are they?" He said turning around and looking behind him to see if they were there.

"They are going to a concert tonight" I frowned

"Without you?"

" I like that song!! "I said trying to change the subject


"Without you, I won’t run, I won’t fly…I will never make it right WITHOUT YOUUU"

"Oh yes, Usher is brilliant but not as brilliant as Chris Martin "

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