This is the story of the best and worst years of my life it all started the day of my birthday.

Part 1: The birthday gift.

*Emma’s P.O.V*

Today is the day! It’s my birthday!!! I’m so excited. It’s 12:09 pm. My family and I have this traditional family meeting, every month and tonight they had a "surprise" for me.

I was scared they were going to do something crazy or screw it up by telling me some bad news but when I came downstairs I saw my best friends and their parents sitting in my living room smiling at me.

"Mom what’s going on?" I asked.

"Sit down sweetie" she took a deep breath and continued. "Emma, sweetie. We have your birthday present..." she made a dramatic pause. "do you want me to be dramatic or would you like me just to tell you now?"

"MOM! You’re making me feel nervous. Tell me. Straight to the point please!"

"Well we’ve been thinking...your dad and I that you’re sixteen now and we thought a lot about your gift and we think it would be a great idea if you travel for the first time alone. Well not alone, we talked with the girl’s parents about how you girls have been planning to travel after school but it would be an amazing idea if you travel now, at this age. One of the most wonderful years of your life and after school you girls are going to be way too busy looking for college and doing your stuff. So I’m pleased to tell you Emma that this is your gift sweetie. A trip to England with your three best friends." 

I smiled. And five seconds later I was suffocating my mom with a big bear hug. 

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?!?!??!?!"

 I turned around and I saw my three best friends hugging and screaming at their parents. 

After ten minutes of freaking out we came back to normal.

"Emma, we want to tell you we love you! Happy Birthday!!" Mom said with tears in her eyes hugging my dad who gave me the four tickets and said: "Don’t you dare fall in love with  British boy! You’re going to England to learn about their history and monarchy and knowing’re going shopping. That’s it! You’re not allowed to fall in love any time soon!" Well...that was random.

"OH MY GOD DAD! Are you crazy!?!? Thanks daddy and don’t worry I won’t fall in love with any jerk from there. The only boy in my life right know it’s you!" I said hugging him tight. 

I turned around and hugged my friends so tight that they couldn't breathe.

"WE ARE GOING TO LONDON BABY!" I yelled, motioning my friends to follow me up to my bedroom.

We went to my room and started talking about everthing.

" I can’t believe we’re traveling for your birthday! Oh my god! Can you believe it? Because I can’t." said Claire squealing from excitement.

" I thought I was the only one freaking out! Oh my god!!!!" Linds said jumping up and down in my bed.

This girls...I love them. They were my life...litertally. We've been best friends since we were in kindergarten. Claire, Lindsey, Annie and me were crazy, outgoing, goofy and we loved shopping when we were together it was all smiles and rainbows and we were there for each other. ALWAYS.

"I know right?!?  But we need to calm down." I looked over the window and smiled. "I love how my dad thinks I’m going to fall in love with some British boy."

"I was laughing to myself when he told you that, you’re obviously going to fall for some hottie over there and you’re dad is going to flip out and he's going to be the love of your life!!!" Annie squealed.

"Oh shut up." I said laughing.

Little did I know it was about to become true.


We spent the whole evening opening my birthday gifts, doing our nails and make up. Then the girls left but when they got home we inmediatley started texting and talking again. We were leaving the next day so we had to pack.

I don’t know about the other girls but I packed half of my closet, which was A LOT, I was so excited. Maybe people would say like “no they are over reacting” but I know Claire, Annie and Linds were freaking out too they know how amazing this trip is going to be. 

When I was done packing I was on iChat with them and they just kept telling me how they were looking forward to wake up tomorrow and leave. I was so tired and excited that I finally fell asleep and BOOM. It was Saturday. 

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