I saw a beautiful blonde girl rushing into the living room and a tall man behind her. I looked down at my tea and then I looked up again to see those gorgeous green eyes I saw just a couple hours before. I looked over my shoulder and I saw Annie smiling and whispering: “I told you so”

"Hi I’m Felicity! And this is my boyfriend Harry!" She introduced herself.

And this is my boyfriend Harry. And this is my boyfriend Harry. Those six words were replaying on my mind. When I heard her saying that I felt something in my stomach like if someone just hit me. Should I stand up or ignore them? No. Stand up and say hi. God! What was going on with me?!?!?!

"Hi I’m Emma! Nice to meet you I’m her nephew." I said pointing to my Aunt.

She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"Oh I see. We’re almost like family!" She smiled

"Hey I’m Harry!" He said in his husky voice.

"I’m Emma!" I smiled.

I stared into his eyes for at least one minute then I looked away. I was infatuated by someone I saw twice in my life and I didn’t even know him. I couldn’t get my hopes up becuase he wasn’t single and his girlfriend was a hundred times more beautiful than me. 

*Harry’s P.O.V*

"I’m Harry!" I  said again and kissed her in the cheek. 

She smiled and sat down.

I said hi to everyone else and sat there quietly trying not to look at “Emma”. Emma what a perfect name. She has the name of one of my crushes. Emma…Emma.  She was beautiful. But why does she keep avoiding doing eye contact with me?  Why didn’t she said “Oh are you the crazy lad who almost killed me at the mall while going out with my friends?” Oh maybe it’s that…she’s sad. What an idiot! I said sorry though. Hmmm Should I say hi I’m the lad who almost killed you! I laughed at myself.

"Harry? Harry? Why are you laughing?" Felicity asked looking at me like a complete idiot.

"Oh I just had a flashback of something that happened at the mall today." I looked at Emma and smiled at her.

"Okay cutie. Let’s go to my room. You girls, Harry and I!" She smiled at the four girls. "You two stay here." Felicity was pointing at Felicia and John, then she grabbed me by the hand and we started walking away. "Let’s go babe"

I saw Emma staring at me and Felicity holding hands I could tell she was faking that smile she had on her face, it was not the same smile I saw at the mall. But she was just so beautiful. I feel like I’m cheating on Felicity but why do I feel like this? 

Felicity turned around. 

"Wait a minute...are you wearing my clothes?" She said looking at the girls up and down and faking a smile.

"Yes our clothes are wet and the ones we bought are wet too! Miss Felicia thought you wouldn’t mind." Lindsey one of the girls said, a little quiet.

"I don't! But next time you should let me know before I end up without clothes" Felicity said curtly.

"And what the hell is that supposed to mean?" Lindsey said shooting her a dirty look.

"Lindsey calm down, she’s right." Annie whispered.

Felicity gave her a fake smile and kept walking. She opened the door to her room and led us in.

"I don’t think I should say 'Just make yourself at home' since you apparently already did that." 

"Felicity!" I looked at her with wide eyes.

"What? It’s true" She said innocently.

"You’re making them feel awkward it was your step mom’s idea; stop. Be nice." I argued.

"Whatever" She sat on the edge of the bed.

There was an awkward silence between all of them until Annie decided to say something.

"You’re room is huge"

*Emma’s P.O.V*

"Thanks".  Felicity said with the fake smile I always hated. 

She was sitting next to Annie and they started talking while Lindsey who was complaining of how much she wanted to leave and use her own clothes. Whenever Felicity tried to talk to her she turned around and pretended like she was talking with Claire and me or “reading a text message”. While I was talking with Linds I caught Harry staring at me so I panicked and yelled: "ANNIE!"


"Come here! Annie are you okay...are you okay Annie...there's a sign in the window..." I sang and everyone burst out laughing.

"Okay...weirdo. What’s up?"

"Should I talk to him…like he needs to know that I don’t hate him because you know he’s like weird, he’s been staring at me I swear…I think I’m making him really uncomfortable." I said whispering so only her could listen. 

"Stop and breathe" She laughed and there was a long pause, she looked at me with a frown in her face and finally she whispered in my ear. "He’s not available and you don’t want to be the reason they break up imagine if that happens it would be worse than what happened today with us wearing her clothes."

"I know! I don’t know what the hell I was thinking." I said realizing how stupid I was.

"Oh no don’t have that attitude. He’s cute and to be honest  I would totally be acting like you right now. "

"I’m back! Hey my dad told me I need to pick up my little sister but he told me to take one of you with me. Anyone? And Harry would you stay with them, my dad says you need to stay because blah blah blah." Felicity was at the door. In what moment did she left the room??? I guess I was really caught up in the conversation.

"Yeah sure" Harry smiled

"I’ll go with you…Claire wanna come?" Annie asked Claire walking away from me.

"No, thanks I’ll stay here with the girls to see if our clothes are ready…do you wanna go Linds?"

"No, thanks I would rather jump off the window."

"Okay so we better get going" Felicity said, obviously ignoring Lindsey's comment.

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