"Could you two shut up already?" Louis smirked

"YOU’RE TOO FUNNY MAN" Niall was laughing and bumping his head againt the window.

"Oh my god you’re accent"

"Oh my god you’re accent!" Louis mocked me. I rolled my eyes and focused on what Liam was trying to say but nobody was listening to him because of Niall and me.

"Okay Linds on my lap, Annie on Zayn’s lap and..." I cut him off. "If you haven't noticed I'm already on Niall’s lap" I said smiling

"Yeah! And Claire in Hannah’s lap" He finished off the sentence.

"Okay come on little kids it’s time to go!" Louis cheered.

The ride back to the hotel was quite funny, all of the girls were singing random songs while the boys just laughed but I wasn’t paying too much attention I was more focused on Harry. All this questions in my head…

Does he like me? Did he break up with her? Is she okay?

I looked for my phone, I needed to know. I checked my Facebook and I had 5 notifications and 2 inboxes.

The inboxes were from my parents, two notifications were “likes”, but then I saw it! ONE LIKE AND ONE COMMENT ON MY PROFILE PICTURE FROM HARRY NUGGET STYLES.

Breathe. Emma. Breathe

"You alright?" Niall asked worried.

"Huh? Oh yeah! Pfftt" I opened the window...I needed air.

“Cute pic :)xx”

Should I just like his comment or answer back.???

“Thanks haha(:”

I immediately clicked on his profile, it said single! SINGLE. But then I saw a post on his wall from Felicity.

“You’re such a fag I hope u die! You’ll regret this don’t come crawling back at me when she hurts you.”

I resisted…I wanted to comment on that wall post and give her a piece of my mind but that would make me feel like an idiot. But who is she?? I got a notification five minutes later, it was a like from Harry. I clicked on his wall again and I saw that the wall post wasn’t there anymore.

"Emma!" I heard Claire's voice ringing through the car.


"What do you think?"

"Of what?" I asked confused

"Claire thinks it would be a good idea if we go out tonight?!" Linds replied excitedly.

"It’s Sunday?! but you guys should go!"

"What about you?" Zayn asked probably wondering why I wouldn't want to go out

"I’m tired" I replied simply.

"Yeah I don’t think it’s a good idea, we’ll stay with you! "Annie said frowning.

"NO! You guys go! I’ll be fine. Besides I need to talk with my parents so I’ll just take a chance to call them and talk to them!"

"Really?Yayyy Thanks Mom!" Linds said blowing me a kiss.

"Oh shut up!" I felt Annie giving me a hug and whispering: “I really like him, thanks”.

What she said was really random because I never asked her that, but maybe she told me that because he asked her out. Who knows?


"Nooooo! Oh my god!!"Annie said as she punched me on the arm.

"Ouch! Niall don’t laugh!"

"It’s funny!"

"To you EVERYTHING is funny!" 

"That-that is NOT true" He was still laughing.

"I hate you!"Annie whispered 

"I’m sorry I had to do it" I said giggling.

"Well kids we’re here! Go get change and I’ll take Hannah to my house so she can get ready. You guys want to stay or go?" Louis turned around to look at all of us.

"I think we’ll stay "Zayn said looking at Annie and at Liam. Liam nodded in approval and so did Niall.

"Alright, I’ll be back in an hour" 

We all waved goodbyes but I wanted to say goodbye to Louis and Hannah properly because I wasn’t going to see them until Monday.

"Are you sure you want to stay here?" Hannah said while hugging me

"Yeah I just don’t feel in the mood to go out on a Sunday" I said making my way to Louis while I gave him a hug. “Bye! Have fun” 

"Ciao" he replied with a smile.

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