“Mom we’re leaving now” Harry said standing in the doorway.

“Be careful” –Annie said hugging Harry and then hugging me. “Have fun”

“Bye it was nice meeting you!” –I hugged her back

We walked out the door and we saw Louis and Hannah outside the car waiting for us. 

“HARREH!” –Lou smiled giving him a man hug.

“Hey Lou” 

“You remember Hannah don’t you?” 

“Of course, Hello”

“Hello” –She kissed on the cheek.

“Hannie Boo” –I said cheerfully

“Emma, babes how are you? I missed you”She said hugging me.

“I know it’s been like 5 hours!” 

“What about me? Didn’t you miss me?” Lou said smiling.

“Nope you were really annoying in the car”

“I wasn’t!" He argued.

“You were, you are a weirdo you know that right?” 

“But he’s a cute weirdo” –Hannah blushed giving him a quick peck on the lips

“Alright then, are we leaving? I think my mom is at the window watching us” Harry said looking behind him. We all turned around to see Anne waving at us and smiling.

“Yes let’s go love birds” 

“Love birds? Look who’s talking” Lou smiled proudly.

“Shut up”

“You two fight like if you were an old married couple” –Hannah laughed.

“Oh that's because we are married!. Didn’t he tell you?No just kidding EWWWW. We're actually family,  we stopped by the doctor and it turns out we’re related” I said laughing

“You wish” 

We got inside the car, Lou was just talking with Harry, I was talking with Hannah and then we started to sing along to Rihanna.


“God, stop! Stop you sound like a cow giving birth! "–Lou teased

“Just because I don’t sing like you doesn’t mean you have to be so rude” 

“I’m not being rude I just want the pain to stop.” –He laughed

“She didn’t just sound like a cow…she sounded worst” –Harry laughed giving Louis a high five

“No I did not”

“Hannah? What do you think?” Harry said turning around. 

Louis stopped by a red light and turned around; he smiled to himself and drive off. “Aww she fell asleep. Bless her” 

I giggled.

“Haz can you do me a favor?” He asked.

“Yeah” –Harry

“I need you to call my mom and put it on speaker please” 

“Is this her? ‘Mommy?’”

Louis nodded.

Hello?” –Lou

“Boo bear?” –Lou’s mom

“Boo bear?” Harry whispered and burst out laughing

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