I felt a pair of arms carrying me bridal style. 

There was knock on the door. 

My eyes fluttered open and I saw Louis smiling down at me. “Are we here?” I yawned.

“Yes, yes we are” He whispered.

“I can walk you know? Why didn’t you wake me up?” 

“You looked so peaceful!!!” He exclaimed.

“Put me down you dork” 

He stopped and placed me safely on the ground like if I was a little child and it was my first time walking, he grabbed my arm and we walked to the doorway in silence. He knocked the door three times. 

A tall, brunette woman opened the door and smiled when she saw us.

“Oh darling you’re here” she said hugging Louis tightly. “I missed you so much” 

“I missed you too mom” Louis took a step back and put his arm around me. “Mom this is Emma.”

“Hi nice to meet you” I smiled. 

“Hello Emma, nice to meet you too” She hugged me as well. “Come on in. You must be tired!!”

“MOM I’M HUNGRY” Louis yelled

“Louis be quiet the girls are asleep!!!” She paused and looked at me. “Are you hungry hun?”

“No, I’m good” I smiled.

“Oh alright, then. Louis, darling why don’t you show Emma where she’ll be sleeping tonight?”

“And where is that?”

“Your room of course” He gasped and motioned me to follow him. As I walk to the room I noticed all the posters and pictures he had on his wall. 

“I like your room” I said quietly.

“hmm” he mumbled, he looked so sad. He walked around his room and picked up some clothes. “Here” He handed me an old white t-shirt, and some boxers. I grabbed them and smiled. 

“Thanks loser” 

“You’re welcome dork” He looked at me and smiled. “Get some sleep babe.” He walked closer and hugged me. “Thanks” Before I could say anything he ran off the room.

___________________________________________________________________________ “Whoa she’s gorgeous” I heard someone mumbled.

“Shhh Lottie you’re going to wake her up” A little girl whispered.

“Louis! Wake her up! It’s already lunch time” another girl whispered.

“Fizzy! Bring some water I have an idea.” I heard two girls giggling.

“NO! Felicite stay here. We’re going to wake her TOMMOOOO STYLE”

Louis? Is that Louis?

“Okay at the count of three we’re all going to yell ‘wake up’ and jump in the bed, alright?” 

“One” one girl started counting.

“Two” I heard two voices said.

“Three” Louis finally said. 

“WAKE UP!!!! WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!! EMMA WE’RE GOING TO DIE”  I groaned and opened my eyes to see four girls jumping in the bed, giggling and Louis on the edge of the bed smiling. 

“See I told you she was going to wake up” He smiled proudly.

“I hate you so much” I glared at him. “What time is it?”

“It’s twenty past one” one of the four girls said. She was brunette and had the same eye colors as Louis, well to be fair the four of them had Louis’ eyes.

“That’s Felicite” He said pointing to the brunette girl, next to her was a blonde girl who looked exactly like her. He pointed at her. “That’s Lottie” The two other girls were now next to Louis and he picked one of them up.” This is Daisy and Phoebe, they’re twins” I smiled and climbed out of bed.

 “I’m Emma”

“I like your name” Phoebe said taking me by the hand. “I’m hungry! We were waiting for you”

She was so cute. _____________________________________________________________________________

After brunch, I spent the afternoon playing with the twins and chatting with Lottie.  Louis was out with her mom and Fizzy so basically I was babysitting the girls.

“…and then I told him I didn’t want to play hide and seek and he pushed me” Daisy was sitting on my lap telling me a story while Phoebe was playing with her Lego. I was listening carefully to Daisy’s story when suddenly Lottie decided to talk.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” She smiled closing her laptop, Phoebe looked up and smiled. 

“oohhh”  I smiled to myself remembering Harry’s text.

“No I don’t” I smiled and Daisy got off my lap and sat down next to her sister.

“I’ll be right back”  I was just about to go upstairs when I saw Louis walked in with all of my friends. Shit.

“EMMA!!!” they all exclaimed in unison and started laughing. Shit. Shit. Shit. I haven’t even taken a shower yet.

“Please tell me you brought me some clothes” I laughed nervously. 

“Yes, yes I did.” Claire said taking my hand running upstairs with me.   ___________________________________________________ ___________________

Author's Note: Ugh I'm sorry I know this chapter is rubbish but I'm half asleep but I promise it will get better. Tomorrow I'll post a new chapter and I'm going to give you a hint. -there's going to be a date :) x Good night!!

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