*Harry's P.O.V*

“I love you” I whispered as I watched her leave. I clenched my jaw when I saw Louis kissing her forehead but I couldn’t do anything, I couldn’t ran up to her and hug her nor kiss her because security was going to kick me out.

I ran my fingers through my hair, frustrated. What the hell happened???

“Go ask your friend?” Those words were playing on my mind over and over again along with everything she said to me. “They are nothing but memories Harry! Move on!”

I wanted to punch someone on the face. Why the fuck was she leaving me?

“Go ask your friend?” Which friend? I have lots of friends. What did she meant by that?

I walked slowly and called a cab, still thinking.

“Where to” The man asked.

I sat back and stared at him for a second and then told him the direction to the hotel where Emma was staying. She left with Annie, surely because they still haven’t talked and Zayn was there.

As we drove to the hotel I couldn’t help it. She looked so fragile. Her blue eyes were blurry from the tears and I couldn’t hug her. I couldn’t tell her she was fine.

Did something happen in Ibiza??

I looked at my phone to distract me from her. As I checked my messages I noticed she never replied to the ones I sent her.

‘Felicity’ was on the top of the list for messages I haven’t read. I opened the message and frowned.

Ooops…I might of send Emma an old picture of us…it was an accident I swear;P Told her you were with me instead of being with your mummy;)”

Why did I ever told her that when I bumped into her?!?!?! God damn it. I threw my phone and it fell to the ground of the taxi. I picked it up and replied to her:

‘You’re a bitch and I don’t want to have anything to do with you. Piss off”

She replied almost instantly.

“Ohhh you should be telling that to your girlfriend look what a cute picture I found…it’s your girlfriend with…ehh..Nathan Sykes?”

I stared at the picture and jealousy started building up in my body.

Nathan was giving her a piggy back ride. What the fuck was Nathan doing with my girlfriend? Did something happen in Ibiza?

“10 pounds” The man said, I looked up from my phone and took out my wallet, paying the man and running up to the front lobby. I dialed Liam’s number.

He didn’t pick up until the second ring.

“Harry? Mate, how are you?” He said cheerfully.

“Where are you?”

“In the hotel…you sound sick? What’s up?”

“Which part of the hotel?” I said looking around.

“The restaurant”

“Okay” I replied hanging up and walking to the restaurant.

“Do you have a reservation?” A man stopped me from coming any further.

“I have some friends that are waiting for me, if you’ll excuse me”

The man nodded and moved. It was easy finding them. They were in the same table we were when I had breakfast with Emma.

Liam stood up confused and waved me over. I walked really fast and stared at all of them.

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