Lindsey gave Felicity a death glare as she left the room with Annie. I've never seen Lindsey being so mean to anyone before except to that girl who spilt coke on her new dress it was awful she made her life impossible and it was a bad experience, really bad.

Meanwhile Claire sat down next to Lindsey and they were whispering.

"We should go and check if our clothes are ready! I’m getting tired of using this ugly clothes from that ugly hoe." Linds complained.

Petrified by what Lindsey said I immediately hit her.

"An hour ago you were in love with her clothes and her boyfriend is here don’t say that" I was so embarrased.

"I don’t care…and I’m pretty sure he agrees with me don’t you Harry?" 

"She could be a little mean sometimes but she’s awesome!" He said a little uncertain like if he was forced to say that.

"Let’s just go and check if our clothes are dry!" Claire said jumping off Felicity's bed.

Lindsey and I were following her until Claire with the most evil smile told me to stay because she needed to talk in private with Lindsey. At first I didn’t understand why but then it hit me. They wanted me to stay in the room so I could talk to him because they knew Felicity was gone and with Felicity gone…Harry would talk to me normally. Maybe Annie is right, or maybe I'm just being paranoid and they really need to talk in private! But that's not fair we always share everything!

I will ignore him and pretend I’m on my phone…or I could become friends with him, that would be better! So many things…What should I do?

"I wanna change into my clothes too! Friends don’t keep secrets from their other friends" I said almost yelling. But they were gone. Nervously I made my way to the little couch where Harry was sitting and I smiled at him.

"So how do you do?" Harry asked.

I tried not to blush I felt my cheeks burning he was just so beautiful.

"I’m good, thanks. Hey I’m so sorry for what happened earlier." Wait why am I apologizing??? Oh my god now he’s going to think I’m a freak show because he was the one who hit me oh no...Why did I say that? What is wrong with me? 

"I was the one who hit you with the door" He said laughing. "I’m sorry are you doing better?"

Oh lord his accent!!!!!!! Be cool Emma! Be cool.

"Yeah pfft it's not like you actually hit me that hard...besides I’m like a superwoman" What the fuck? Oh god. I’m stupid. STUPID EMMA.

"Good, good.Oh are you?" 

"Yes" I smiled shyly.

*Harry’s P.O.V*

Her smile was gorgeous. She was so cute and shy but what about me? Should I be flirty Harry or cheeky harry? Nooo. I’m with Felicity. Maybe if we’re friends. It’s just a crush…or no. What am I saying? 

"Don’t you think Holmes Chapel it’s quite picturesque.?" I said randomly.

"Yeah I guess"

"I guess you’re family of my girlfriend I think we should stay in touch. There are a lot of places where we could take you and a lot of parties during the weekend. Do you have Facebook?" That's it Harry you're doing great.

"That would be amazing!!! Yes I do. What’s your name? I’ll add you."

Okay she wants to be my friend or maybe she’s just being polite either way it’s fine with me.

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