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Claire’s Halloween party is probably one of the parties everyone in school looks forward, besides the “Spring Ball” which is in March and it was founded by my mum.

“So can I borrow the slutty vampire costume?” Becca asked rummaging through my things.

“Yeah” I continued curling my hair. I was going as a hippie.

“You do know they uninvited us from that party…well they uninvited YOU”

“I know but whatever” I said finishing my hair, I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled. “That has never stopped me before”

“HELLOOOOO” Annie barged into the room in a nurse costume.

“Slutty, I love it” Becca complimented

I smiled at her.

“You look really pretty” I said

“Thank you…Guess who’s downstairs!”

“Who” Becca and I asked at the same time

“Zayn” She squealed.

“Oh” I said and sat on my bed.

Zayn was here...

I sat on my bed and check my messages, I had one from Louis. I smiled while the girls continued chatting.

Lou: ‘Happy Halloween witch’

Me: ‘Happy Halloween:) how are ya? Isn’t it late in England??’

Lou: ‘Yeah…I’m doing some work for University:(‘

Me: ‘Sucks for you lol’

Lou: “Plans for tonight?’

Me: ‘Halloween party @ Claire’s.’

Lou: ‘you guys okay?’

Me: ‘Nope..Im crashing lol’

Lou: ‘bad girl;)…soooooo  see you soon:D’

Me: ‘in 2 months-.-‘

Lou: almost there…you miss me too much?’

Me: Believe it or not…I do. It’s been like hell these past months.

Lou: :(

“Emma, come on we have to go”

Me: I love you! Bye:) good luck with uni. Xo

I stood up and followed the girls downstairs. Zayn was sitting at the edge of the staircase with his phone in his hands. He turned around and saw us and then stood up, greeting Becca and then greeting me.

“Hi” I said smiling.

“Emma! Everything alright?”

I nodded.

“So you’re a vampire and she’s a nurse. How convenient” I said laughing.

They looked at each other and smiled.

“Didn’t noticed” Zayn said wrapping his arm around Annie.

“Shall we go, now?” Becca said already walking towards the door.

We all followed her to the car since she was driving and off we went to the party. It took us about fifteen minutes to get there and when we walked in, we were more than welcomed. Everyone was on different costumes, they looked like they were having fun, some people gasped when they looked at me, and it was probably because I haven’t been to a party in months or because they all knew I was uninvited from this party.

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