“Have you realized how close we’ve become? And we barely know each other” I blurted out.

Louis looked at me and nodded.

“We’re becoming besties” I smiled.

“Are you saying we’re like best friends?” 


“No. No. No. this can’t be happening. The swag masta from Doncaster is becoming best friends with this dork?” He said pointing at me. “NEVER” 

I laughed hysterically and started fake crying. “I’m not a dork and ‘the swag masta from Doncaster’?” I said attempting to do my best Louis’ accent but failed.

“Yes you are!!! And Yes! I am the swag masta from Doncaster and you my friend can’t do a Doncaster accent. You’re terrible”

“I’m not!” I argued back. “Lou you don’t have swag! And my accent is amazing!”

“You are and let me just start by saying that you’re one lucky girl for hanging out with someone as cool as me. And I do have swag. In fact…I have more swag than Justin Beaver.” He chuckled.

“You’re such a loser! Justin Beaver? Oh myyyy. It’s Bieber!” I started laughing uncontrollably again. 

“I’m not the hyena who’s laughing at my friend every 5 seconds” He giggled.

“RUDE” I stared at him thinking. “Nigguh you’re not getting out of this car if you don’t apologize or go in a little adventure with me!” 

We were already in the parking lot and Louis had stopped the car.

“I won’t apologize dorky” 

I stick my tongue out at him and laughed. “Well then you’re going to have to take me to a little tour”

“Deal but first; let’s go get you an ice cream, alright?”

I nodded and got out of the car walking really fast. “Wait up” I heard Louis calling.

I turned around to see him catching up with me. “Sorry! I’m really craving an ice cream”

We walked slowly to Ben and Jerry’s, and a sudden ‘beep’ made both of us jump back in surprise. 

It was Louis phone.

He grabbed his phone smiling but his expression changed in matter of seconds. 

“What’s up boo bear?”

He looked at me and smiled.


I nodded and walked to the ice cream shop, it was full and everyone had ice creams...obviously.


“Ice cream always puts me in a good mood” Lou said walking next to me, we had talked inside Ben and Jerry's for 20 minutes and had decided it was time to leave.

“So...what you’re trying to say is that…hanging out with me puts you in a bad mood?”

He laughed “Nope you said that…not me.”

“Don’t blame this on me! YOU JERK!” I said hitting him slightly and pushing him.

In that very moment when I pushed him he almost fell on top of someone but I couldn’t see the person’s face.

“Are you alright babe?” A boy the same height as Louis said holding in his arms a blonde, petite girl.

“I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS” Louis screamed angrily and the blonde girl turned her face to see him, shocked.

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