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Lindsey’s P.O.V

Emma was trying on the dress she chose and I was already annoyed all I wanted to do was pay our clothes and leave, I’m hungry so I get impatient and more annoyed, the line to pay our clothes was ridiculous.

"What’s taking so long??? Excuse me but we are in a hurry, I’m hungry and we need to go the other stores so please be fast and move!" I said loud enough so the people in front of me would listen.

"Linds shut up and be patient" Em who was behind me now, said slapping me in the ass.

"NO" I yelled.


5 minutes later

"FINALLY.!!!" I said putting all of our clothes in the counter and a little annoyed.

"Sorry it’s my first week. I’m trying to get used to it." The boy in front of me said with a warm smile.

"Yeah, sorry I totally understand." I said looking at the handsome guy in front of me

"What the fuck Linds? " I heard Emma whispered but I was mesmerized.

"Are you taking all this?" He said smiling.

"Yes, sir"

"Bloody hell. You must love shopping."

"Well yeah!" I said laughing nervously and looking away because I must be red like a tomato.

"It's 453.38 euros" 

I looked at him confused. "How much is that on dollars?"

"Oh, sorry. American right?" He looked at his computer. "567 dollars"

"Okay" I gave him my credit card.

"Thanks" Em, Claire and Annie said hugging me from behind.

"There you go!"

"Thank you…eh…Liam?" I said reading the little name tag.

"How do you know my name?" He smiled, looking at me confused.

"You have the smile of a Liam. Just kidding, Gosh that was so pathetic" I said laughing." I saw it on your tag"

"Oh I was like wow. Is she some sort of telepathic!?" Liam replied laughing.

"Linds? Let’s go!" Annie said interrupting our little 'moment'.

"Well  I gotta go! Nice to meet you Liam!" I winked and started walking away.

"Hey! Hey wait what’s your name babe?"

He called me babe?! Woah.

"I’m Lindsey."

"Well Lindsey you wouldn’t mind if I take you out for ice cream tomorrow. Would you? Please say yes…Let me make it up to you since I was so slow with the clothes and this." He said with puppy eyes.

"What? Uh no I wouldn’t…It would be amazing!!! What time?" I said smiling and trying to stay calm.

"Tomorrow 4 pm?"  

"Okay. Now I really have to go! See you tomorrow! Bye Liam" I said blowing him a kiss. Sometimes I can be such a flirt..

I ran out of the store where the girls were waiting for me and I turned around and I saw Liam smiling at me.

"I HAVE A DATE!!!!!!!" I squealed.

*Annie’s P.O.V*

"Oh my god you have a date??" Claire said hugging Linds.

I turned around and I saw the boy smiling at Lindsey. It killed me the way he was looking at her; it was love at first sight for Lindsey and Emma. Who’s next? Claire? I'm obviously upset and I shouldn't be.

"Annie?" Em nudged me.


"What do you want to eat?" 

What are they talking about? I looked at my friends confused.

Oh yeah. They want to eat.

"I’m not hungry."

"You sure??" Em asked sweetly.


"Let’s go to KFC" Linds suggested.

"Nevermind suddenly I'm starving!!! Sounds good to me, I haven’t been there since two years ago" I commented.


So we all made our way to the food court where we sat down and chatted.

"So Linds has a date, huh…? ON HER SECOND DAY IN LONDON…grr. Can you believe it???" Em said smiling.

We all started laughing and I wasn't feeling annoyed anymore, I was happy.

"He was so cute and adorable. I just can’t stop thinking in how adorable and handsome he is. We have a DATE. Wow I can't believe it." Linds said breathless.

"Well I know Linds wasn’t the only one who fell in love today" Claire giggled.

"Claire...I thought Emma made it clear? Drop the damn subject! Emma doesn’t like him, now if you’re done eating we should get going to Aunt Felicia’s house. MOVE!" I said feeling annoyed again. Claire was driving me crazy lately.

"Thanks Annie! She’s right! Let’s just go" Emma said a little quieter.

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