*Lindsay’s P.O.V*

"Bye!" Emma was still waving.

I grabbed my bag and my phone and I had a text from Liam!

'Liam: u redy? We’ve bin waiting for an hour we just saw harry and his girlfriend. I cant wait to see u x'

'Linds: Sorry cutie we’ll be downstairs in a blink of an eye ;)'

'Liam: Ok :)x'

"Let’s go girls Liam is already here and he wants to leave NOW. Annie, dear you look fine it’s just Zayn." 

"Are you crazy???"Annie said panicking. "He’s probably there being cool about it flirting with the girl next door and I’m just making an effort convincing myself something is going to happen" 

"The girl next door? What are you talking about??Shut up and walk you’re gorgeous and even if he doesn’t think that" there are tons of boys over the world" Claire commented.

"They might say hi and they might say hey." I winked.

"What the fuck?" Annie said fixing her hair.

We all made our way downstairs where we found Louis and Hannah holding hands, Liam was looking surprisingly more handsome than ever, and Zayn and Niall were there smiling.

*Emma’s P.O.V*

Linds and Liam ran into each other’s arms and hugged for so long like if they’ve never seen each other in ages. 

"Vas happenin’ babes?" Zayn said hugging Annie

"Hi Zayn" Annie was blushing.

"Well there’s my Irish friend! "I yelled

"Here I am!" He opened his arms and hugged me.

"Let me introduce you to my best friends, Hey girls you remember Niall right? He’s my Irish best friend "I said proudly.

"If you’re Irish why ado you live on England" Claire smirked


"Mean Girls quote" I winked.

"That movie was brilliant, Hannah and I watched it together" Lou smiled at Hannah.

"I LOVED IT" She said pecking him on the lips.

We all laughed and looked at each other it was unbelievably cute how in love they were with each other. 

"Sorry to ask but how long have you guys been together?" Annie asked randomly.

"They’ve been going out for two years now "Zayn said in his strong accent.

"Woah that’s so cute! " She giggled.


"Adorable!" Linds giggled, I looked at Liam whispering something in Lindsey’s face making her blush and smiled like an idiot. I was staring at them so jealous of how cute they were.

"I think that if they didn’t like each other so much and knew you were staring at them it would creep them out " Niall whispered in my ear.

"Oh my gosh...but look at them, they are just so cute"

"Yeah…they are"

"Well where are we going?" I was starting to get hungry.

"Huh? Oh Nandos! It’s a Portuguese restaurant. I LOVE IT and you’ll love it too!!!" I giggled and looked at the ground."I bet I will, what do you recommend me from that lovely place we are going?"

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