"Liam could you please be a babe and go ask that waitress over there for my Yorkshire tea?" Louis said making him a puppy face.

"Alright but this is the last time Lou!"His brown eyes light up when he saw Linds walking towards him. She gave him a peck on the lips and with that he left the table smiling goofily.

"Zayn stop it! "Annie said smiling at him

"Why? What’s wrong with this way of eating?" He said with lots of food in his hands

"You look like a 5 year old! "She smiled

"A very attractive 5 year old" He winked, then he turned around to see me. "VAS HAPPENING EMMA?"

"Nothing"I smiled. To be honest I wasn’t totally there, I was daydreaming I couldn’t find the time to leave, it’s not that I didn’t like the boys but I just wanted to go to Holmes Chapel.

"What did you do last night?" Louis said winking at me

"Uh…nothing why do you ask?" I said a little more quiet hoping he wouldn’t say anything about Harry since he had told me him and Lou became like best friends.

"Oh you know, Hazza told me he spent the night talking to a pretty lady."

Oh boy here we go.

"Well maybe he was talking to his pretty girlfriend"

"I don’t think so! They broke up"

"They did?"Hannah gasped at what Lou just said.

"She’s a bitch he deserves someone like Emma" Claire said eating the last piece of her toast. 

"Okay can we please stop talking about Harry?" I turned around to talk to Niall but he was too distracted, I noticed how his gaze was following a pretty girl who was actually walking our way.

"Why so protective over Harry" I heard Annie said. 

Obviously I ignored her. I wasn't even being protective I just wanted to stop talking about him.

"Yes why?" Louis chuckled.

"Stop it Lou! Remember what happened the last time you were teasing her?"Hannah said.

I was just sitting there quiet, all my confidence was gone, the one I worked so hard to get. I was being the old me again, the shy one, the one who couldn’t answer back to any little mean joke they said to her. After a few minutes I realized Niall was talking with Natasha, I didn’t want to interrupt them but he was the only one who didn’t tease me for liking Harry, even though it was a joke it made me feel weak like if I couldn’t talk. No. No. No. Come on Emma be brave.

"We’re going to Holmes Chapel today!" –I said a little annoyed. 

Why am I having this mood swings?

"About that!!" Claire said laughing nervously

"We thought that Miss Felicia is YOUR family not ours, maybe you should go by yourself? "Annie said trying to avoid eye contact with me.

"Yes some of us have another plans" Linds point out.

What? Well excuse me for bringing you all the way to London to ditch me!? What the hell…Calm down Emma! Calm down. They have their dates just stop being such a drama queen.

"You’re right "–I said quietly looking at Lou. "Lou? I know this is stupid to ask but I need someone to drive me there? "I said smiling at him with puppy eyes. 

"NO JIMMY PROTESTED. "He said smiling at me, I looked at him confused.


"I’m just teasing you! Of course I’ll drive you there!"

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