Emma's P.O.V

We knew it was time to go but instead we window shop for another hour, and when we were done we decided to take a cab but since we didn’t have any cash because being the smart asses we are...We forgot to go to the bank so the cab left us five kilometers away from my aunt's house.  

How amazing, right???

The worst thing was that it started raining. It was cold, rainy, and all of our new clothes were wet and we had no idea where we were so Annie suggested to use “Google maps” to have an idea of how long it will take to finally get there. Today was obviously not our lucky day since we didn't have signal.

"I'll never wear heels again"  Linds complained, breaking the silence between the four of us.

"Shut up, stop complaining and keep walking" Annie whined, obviously upset by the situation. I mean come on? We were literally in the middle of nowhere, wet and alone.

"I still don’t have any signal, so we can’t call and we can’t look at Google maps. The man said it was five kilometers away and my aunt’s house is green, so keep your eyes open and stop fighting and complaining." 

"We are all going to catch a cold and it’s your fault Emma! You were supposed to go to the stupid bank." I was taken aback.

"I’m sorry, okay? I forgot. I was too busy being a good friend paying attention on how are you going to get ready for your date!" I paused. "I shouldn't even be apologizing it's not my fault."

"Don’t blame it on her!" Claire said a little quiet.

"Whatever, you're irrelevant right now so shut up" Linds stopped walking and looked at me as if she was going to say nothing but instead she kept walking. 

"I'm sorry" She looked at me and nodded. 


After twenty minutes of being lost and tired we finally arrived to Aunt Felicia’s house.

"Oh my god. We’re here!!" Claire yelled

We all stood there in the porch of her house excited, happy and tired.  I knocked on the door and Aunt Felicia opened it carefully and looked at us with her big brown eyes, confused.

"What happened to the four of you?"

"We got kinda of lost and we had to walk...it's a long story"

"Come in sweethearts!" She led us in.

When we walked in the room it was warm and I felt comfortable like if I was back home.

"You girls need to change!" My aunt turned around and screamed: "Mary!"

"Yes madame?" A short woman in her close 40s walked in smiling.

"Give your clothes to Mary and change into what you bought today because I assume you went shopping?" 

"We can’t! It’s wet too." 

"If I may…" Mary looked at the four of us and then back to my aunt. "They can put some of Miss Felicity’s clothe while I dry their clothes?"  she said a little unsure.

"You’re right. I don’t think she will mind besides you’ll be friends soon so…take them to Felicity’s room so they can change." My aunt said clapping as if that was the most brilliant idea she ever heard.

"Who’s Felicity?" Claire whispered in my ear.

"No idea" I said shaking my head and looking at my best friends.

The four of us followed Mary to "Felicity's room" and after looking through some of her clothe in the closet she grabbed four shorts and shirt and gave them to us.

"I’ll be back in ten minutes and you better be change." She said smiling politely and with that she left the room.

"LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES!" Annie said looking at the clothes inside the closet.

"Why didn’t you tell us you had a cousin with amazing clothes" Claire commented.

"I didn’t know"

"Really" Annie looked surprised.

"She married a divorced man, maybe it’s his daughter...I don't know?"

"Yeah maybe" Annie smiled.

We all got  changed in two minutes and we kind of started “exploring” the room trying to find pictures of Felicity or something but all we found was a scrapbook with the letters “H+F=<3” but none of us dare to open it.

"Bingo! I found her laptop" Linds smiled proudly.

"Your crossing the line,  first her clothes, scrapbook, her room, no NOT her laptop! " I said panicking.

"We didn’t even touch the scrapbook" Linds replied.

"Yeah..but we looked at it. Nevermind...Lindsey I said NO"

"Damn it! It has password" I heard Claire said, I turned around and gasped.


"Let’s get out of here!" Linds grabbed my hand dragging me out the door.

When we walked downstairs we found in the living room: tea, coffee, and snacks and Aunt Felicia sitting in the couch.

"Much better, right?" She asked smiling.

"Yes" We all replied laughing shyly.

"It’s fine darling. Sit down girls you must be tired and hungry."

"Oh thank you!" Claire nearly whispered.

"It all looks delicious" Linds complimented at the food in front of us.

"Thank you" Annie.

"Who’s Felicity?" I said curious.

"She is John’s daughter you’ll meet her in a few, she went on a date and John is picking her up"

"Oh that’s nice" 

"Are you enjoying London?" She asked after everything went silent.

"Yes a lot! As you can see we went shopping today and the people are really nice, right Linds?" Claire said nudgin Lindsey making her blush.

"HA HA very funny" Linds rolled her eyes and we all laughed. 

"Inside jokes I suppose?!" My aunt said sipping her tea or coffee.


While we were eating there was an awkward silence and then we heard a girl talking really loud you couldn’t really know if she was upset or just that way.

"DAD IT’S NOT FAIR! Harry you tell him! It's not fair right'" I guess that's Felicity.

"FELICITY SKINNER! Do you want to be grounded next weekend??" A deep voice said.

I heard someone opened the door.

"Love?  We’re home."

"I’m in the living room" We have some guests" She said standing up.

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