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“You’re-“Louis started saying but I cut him off.


“Let’s go inside” Harry said taking Hannah’s hand.

“No we’re not going anywhere. We’re staying here until she tells me why she really is here. That can’t be my baby.”

“IT IS YOUR BABY LOUIS” She shouted, more tears falling from her eyes.

What was going on? I’ve never expected Hannah to show up again. She was just another face, another person who showed up in our lives and then left us. She was just someone who we shared memories but there was no more memories to make or share with her.

“It’s not. I bet its Jake’s.” Lou replied back.


“Don’t even try to lie to me Hannah. You’ve been sleeping around with him and you know it’s true.”

“No. Louis please let-“Louis cut her off again.

“Hannah I don’t believe anything you say, don’t you understand? You betray my trust! How do you expect me to believe you after you lied to me?”

“I never meant to-“She was cut off once again.

“Hannah all you do is lie, lie, and lie. So no, I’m not going to hear anymore of your lies” Lou paused and ran his fingers through his hair. “So I’m asking you to leave and walk away from my life because I truly and honestly don’t feel like talking or seeing you again.”

Hannah started crying once again.

“Please don’t do this to me. I swear it’s your-“

“LEAVE” Louis said pointing towards the dark of the night.

“Louis you don’t have to be so harsh just let her explain…” I said quietly.

“I really appreciate what you’re trying to do Emma but this is none of your business…stay out of it.”

“Mate you don’t have to talk to Emma that way” Harry said butting in.


“Do I really know you? Do I?” He shot back.

“I never did anything more than kissing with Jake the past few months. I just had sex with you two months ago or so. I swear…a few days before we broke up I started getting nauseous and I started having morning sickness, I thought it was just a virus but I had a feeling it was more than a virus so I took a pregnancy test and it came out to be positive. I took the test after we broke up. So I told my mom. She freaked out and I told her about Jake and you. She was so disappointed in me. Anyways, so we went to the doctor and well after a few tests it was true. There was no doubt that a baby is growing inside me.” She said almost breathless.

“You’re lying!!!! You think I can’t see right through you?” Louis shouted.

“Please Louis. I know I’m not going to gain my trust back but this is real. You’re the father of this baby like it or not. If you don’t want to be part of this child’s life you might as well tell me now because then I’ll walk out and if you come back searching for me or this baby I won’t allow you to see her or him. So it’s your choice Louis. I’m giving you a choice so please choose wisely. If you let me go you’re not just letting me go but you’re letting go of this baby that's inside me”

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