I picked up a Purple slinky belted top and my favorite black heels, with some cute accessories; it took me about ten minutes to get ready and another ten minutes to get my hair done.

“Looking good” –Annie 

“You too…ALL OF US” –I smiled at my three best friends

Lindsey was wearing black tight jeans with her favorite Boatneck Tee and a grey cardigan with some nice accessories and black booties. Claire was wearing a beautiful top with leather shorts, a jacket and heels. Annie was wearing an Olive Silk Tunic with a Cropped Open-Knit Blend Sweater, and leather leggings with lace up boots.

“Let’s go” –Claire

We walked to the lobby where the boys were already ready. God knows where they changed. Hannah came and whispered in my ear.

“You look amazing!!” –She sighed “I need a favor”

“Yup, sure what’s wrong?”

“I need to change” 

“Right, okay follow me” 

I waited for Hannah to get ready for fifteen minutes and we headed downstairs.

“Who’s that gorgeous girl walking next to that weirdo?”  -Lou yelled

I glared at Louis and then I saw him, talking with…Natasha? Where’s Niall? Suddenly two hands were in my eyes blocking every visual contact.

“Who is this?” 

“I know it’s you Niall” I sighed.

“What’s the craic??” –He said cheerfully, I turned around and he stepped back to look at me. “Wow.”

I giggled. “You look great” He said blushing.

“Thanks, you too” 

“Okay kids gather around, come on” –Lou said in a funny accent. “Let me just start with: You all look amazing!”

Everybody said ‘Thank You’.

“This tickets and this bracelet are like your babies, take care of them or you’ll have NO fun” 

He gave one ticket and one bracelet to everyone in the circle. I walked in Harry’s direction with all the confidence I have and I interrupted his conversation with Natasha who was holding hands with Niall but clearly flirting with Harry.


“Emma” He turned around. “Wow!!! You look very pretty! Wow”

“Thank you” I blushed. “What are you wearing?” I laughed because he looked kind of formal.

“My favorite blazer, my favorite jeans and etcetera”. He laughed

“You really know how to pull it off…” I sighed. “The outfit…the blazer”

“I know, I know” He winked

“Come on kids it’s time to go” –Lou

“VAS HAPPENIN’ EMMA? How was the trip to Holmes Chapel?” –Zayn asked me smiling, he was holding hands with Annie.

“Hi Zayn. It was pointless.”

“Not so pointless, you found me” –Harry put an arm around my shoulder as we walked out of the hotel.


“What’s up man?” –Harry

I ignored Harry and Zayn’s conversation I was too busy breathing in Harry’s scent. That’s so creepy…I should stop being so creepy. Before I knew it I was sitting in Harry’s lap next to Natasha who couldn’t stop talking to Harry. It’s not like we were on a date but she was with Niall not Harry so it annoyed me a little. Apart from her annoying fake accent the car ride wasn’t that exciting maybe because I wasn’t paying attention, I was too distracted.

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