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“Don’t we have to go to an after party?” –I smiled cheerfully

Everyone stood up except for Natasha and Harry. What’s wrong with him? He just broke up with his girlfriend and now he’s flirting with Niall’s date.

“Harry, Harry” –I was poking him.

“What?” –He said turning around and looking at me.

“We’re leaving now” –I said annoyed.

“Okay” –Harry said taking Natasha’s hand.

Okay that’s it. He can’t just come here and steal Niall’s date. Wait…where’s Niall?

“Looking for someone?”- Nathan

“Actually yes, the blonde Irish one” –I laughed.

“Is he your date for tonight?” –Nathan

“No” –I answered quickly

He laughed. He’s laughing…Oh my god he’s so adorable.

“Let’s go” –Nathan smiled

We walked out of the café silently. 

“Can I give you a ride?” –Nathan offered nicely.

“I’d love to, let me just tell Louis” 

“Alright love, I’ll be here” –Nathan

I walked in Lou’s direction where he was standing there staring at his phone.

“There she is” –Niall 

“Young lady where were you???” –Lou said smirking obviously knowing the answer.

Everyone was staring at me now.

“You’re over-reacting I was gone for two minutes, and I was talking with Nathan” –I smiled to myself

“Ohhhh Nathan” –Linds winked at me

“Shut it Lindsey!” 

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Emma’s got a crush” –Claire teased.

“Whatever…” –I sighed.” Anyways…he offered me a ride so see you there”

I started walking away listening to all the jokes from everyone. I was laughing now.

“Ready?” –Nathan


“Ohhh Nathan is with a girl” –Siva said sitting down next to Tom.

We were in a van and I was sitting between Nathan and Jay. Oh God probably the best day ever. On our way to the club all of the boys were teasing Nathan because he offered me a ride and saying he was in love which made me laugh.

“Why so quiet?” –Jay smiled at me

“I don’t know” –I smiled shyly.

“How old are you?” –Tom said randomly


“Oh I remember when I was that age” –Max laughed nudging Tom

“How old are you?” –I said a little confused.

“I’m 23” –Max

“Noo way” –I said in shocked

They all laughed at my reaction.

“I’m 23 as well” –Siva

“Me too” –Tom

I turned my head to see Jay who was smiling at me

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