We opened the door of my hotel room and walked in, all eyes on us. 

“You’re up” –I smiled

“Where were you?” –Linds

“We went out for lunch” –Liam

“Yeah, Niall I brought you something” 

“Thank you so much!! I was starving!!!” –Niall

“You’re always starving and you just ate” –Zayn

“I’m still hungry” –He whined

“We went to McDonalds and I know you have a big appetite so I brought a burger, nuggets” I paused and smiled at Harry who was staring at me. “French fries and a coke” 

“What about us?” –Lou 

“Sorry no food for you hoe” –I laughed

“Excuse moi?” –He laughed

“Don’t you remember? You did a striptease to Zayn” 

Everyone was laughing out loud.

*Liam’s P.O.V*

“LIAR” –Lou

Annie and Emma exchanged looks.

“We actually have a video” –Annie

“Show it to me, I’m the hottest man on earth! I hoped you enjoyed it Zayn because there’s not going to be a second time”- Lou smirked

“LOUEEHHHH I bet I loved it” –He winked

I grabbed Linds hand and led her out to the balcony.

“What?” –She said annoyed

“What’s wrong beautiful?” –I said smiling

“I don’t know…I’m not jealous okay? It’s just that why were you out with my best friend?” –Linds looked away

“She was awake, we were hungry and I needed her to help me with this” –I let go of her hand and I took out the little blue box from my trousers. “I bought it for you”Her gaze met mine. Her eyes filled with love, she immediately took the box out of my hand and gasped when she saw the bracelet with the words “Mine”. Before I knew it she was hugging me.

"Thank you" She said still hugging me. 

“You’re mine and we’re going to make this work, I promise” –My heart beating a hundred times faster

Lindsey’s P.O.V

My head against his chest, listening to the sound of his heart beating when he said that was an indescribable feeling.

“I know” –I whispered, looking him in the eyes and kissing him.

“Do you like it?” –Liam smiled 


“I’m glad” 

“You’re like a bear” –I said finally letting go of our hug and changing the subject randomly

“You like my bear hugs don’t you?” –He chuckled

“Bear hugs?” –I smiled at how adorable he was.

“Yes, Lou is always hugging me because he loves my hugs and since a while ago they’re called ‘LIAM’S BEAR HUGS’”

“I didn’t understand anything you just said” 

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