Mom and dad were taking me to the airport and they were tearing up specially mom.

"I can’t believe our baby is leaving us for two months..I remember when she was five and we went to Australia and she never let go of my hand, she told me how much she loved traveling with us. Now look at you all grown up traveling alone. Did you get tired of us Emmie?"

"Emmie? You know I hate it when you call me like that!"I started chuckling. 

It was no big deal I was coming back in two months it’s not like I’m going to go and live there forever besides I was going to go and visit my dad’s sister in Holmes Chapel so everything was going to be fine.

"Mom, dad…this is where we say goodbye! Thank you so much I’ll be fine and I’ll call when I get there! Thank you!!! I’m going to miss you guys so much!" I said hugging both of them.

After twenty minutes of saying goodbye and saying hello to my friends we hugged and scream. It was like watching “Cheetah Girls” but it was actually happening to us…but we were not going to Spain and we don’t sing but that’s fine because we were going to London!  I laughed at myself.

We waited an hour to get in the plane but it was worth it. We were all hyper and excited! 

*Annie’s P.O.V*

After one hour of waiting we were finally in our seats, first class. I was happy, tired, excited but nervous and scared we are all sixteen, what if something bad happens? What if someone kidnap us and rape us like in “Taken”.  I'm such a drama queen I know but nobody really understands what I’m feeling right know.

*Emma’s P.O.V* 

It’s a LONG flight thank god we were in first class it’s more comfortable!

It’s been three hours since we sat down, we’ve been talking and planning our next few months but we got tired. Lindsey just couldn’t stop talking. I was so tired and the flight was so long that we would be arriving there, really later.Lucky me I had my sleeping pills with me  because I don’t want to be jet lag it’s awful.

I was listening to music so I wasn’t really paying attention to what the girls were saying. I felt empty. I had no idea was like if I knew something bad was going to happen after the trip and I didn't wanna go anymore. So I looked at my window and all I saw were clouds. Dark clouds… I was listening “For the first time” it’s one of my favorite songs and it felt like a movie. It sounds silly but I felt like I was in a movie. I just kept hitting replay. And after a while I turned around and I saw all the girls were asleep except Annie. She looked tired  but I didn't want to interrupt her thoughts so I just closed my eyes and I let sleep overtake me.

*Annie’s P.O.V* 

Lindsey, Claire, and Emma were next to me, asleep. I’m so tired but again I’m scared. Out of the four of us I think I’m the one who is scared of almost everything including boys, ghosts, drugs, people who rape girls, everything. I’ve been this way since I broke up with Carl. He was cocky and rude and he “abused” me. He did not rape me but he got to second base with me. He told half school we had relationships and Lindsey broke his nose. I smiled remembering that moment.

I didn’t feel safe around him and it’s just ugh.

This is so relaxing! Having some time for myself. Oh how I missed you Annie! I can’t help it but laugh, and some old woman who is behind me shushed me. 

HA it’s time for a change…I won’t be this way in this trip I need to be more outgoing and move on. 

*Claire’s P.O.V*

I just woke up and I had the weirdest dream ever!  I don’t know what time it is, or where the hell I am… Just kidding I obviously know where I am! I’m not that crazy. I looked over to my left and I see Emma, she’s sleeping while listening to music then, on my right I see Annie and Linds sleeping.  I looked over the window and I saw dark clouds. 

"Would you like some soup or pasta for dinner?" The lady from the plane said smiling.

"No I’m fine, thanks. When are we arriving to the airport?"

"We’ll be arriving to our destination in one hour and thirty minutes."

"Oh okay thanks." I said giving her a cute smile.

I saw the lady walk away from me.

"Linds wake up! Linds!"

  Damn it she won’t wake up… Now what?

"Do we have internet here?" I said to another lady who was just walking by.

"Yes we do."

I grabbed my iPhone because I’m too lazy to grab my laptop. I log in my Facebook and 30 notifications. SO POPULAR.

*Update Status: What’s on your mind?*

Hmmm…what should I post? 'In the plane with my bffs muah LOL xoxo'. I laughed. Of couse I wasn't going to put that.

*Update Status: In one hour I’ll be a new woman, breathing English air* Does that even make sense?

I checked my 30 likes and they were all comments and likes from pictures and statuses and wall posts of “Good Luck” ,“Have fun”, “Lucky bitch”.

I tried writing on my parents wall but I was way too lazy. Suddenly I had 2 notifications. One was from 7 people who liked my status and the other one was a comment from my mom. “Call me when you’re there. Love you!- Mom” 

I stalked some people, chat with some people and then I saw the lady coming out from the cabinet with a microphone; I looked over the window and saw lights.

“We’ll be arriving to the airport in 10 minutes please stay in your seats” I turned around excited to see if any of the girls woke up but they did not hear. Tickling Emma is my plan to wake them up. Emma will scream and wake up Annie and Linds. It’s an AMAZING plan. Sometimes I’m so jealous of how intelligent I am.

I placed my hands on Emma's sides and started tickling her.

"Hmmm?"  She mumbled half asleep. " What are you doing? Get off." I ignored her and kept tickling her.

"WHAT???" She screamed.

"We are here darling!"  I smiled proudly, because half of the plane woke up including Linds who was laughing half asleep at Emma and I can see her totally embarrassed. So Linds and I switched places so I could wake up Annie.

"Annie! Hey Annie! Girly wake up, we’re here!"

Annie woke up like a princess.

"huh? Are we here?? Yay!" she said yawning.

She was half asleep, half confused and half excited. I reached my purse and got some gum.

"Eat it. " I said giving each of the girls a piece of gum.

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