HELLO? Niall said knocking the door again.

I heard footsteps and a paranoid Linds appeared at the door. 

"I don’t know what to wear!!" She looked at me with a desperate look

"HONEY I’M HOME" Niall yelled, making all the girls jump.

"Wear a dress! What’s up with you?" I said looking at all of them desperate.

"The boys are here!" Annie said running her fingers through her hair.

"Noooo way really? I had no idea!!!" I said obviously in a sarcastic tone. 

"Stop with the sarcastic tone, what if they don’t like what we wear?" Linds said obviously desperate to look perfect

"Are you on crack?"

"Shut up!"

"Whatever...Just be casual…wow you girls fell in love too fast " I said walking towards my bed.

"Sorry…we don't!  We’re just nervous" She said biting her lip.

"Because you LOOOOVE them" I teased

"That’s not true!" Annie said in desbelief

"HEY LIAM AND ZAYN THIS GIRLS ARE IN LOVE WITH YOU" I yelled, running to the balcony.

"Noo that’s not true! " Annie sighed, following me behind.

"So you don’t love me? " Zayn said while staring at the floor and pouting his lips

"No! I mean yeah but…I need to change" Annie walked away nervously.

"She’s not good at expressing her feelings!" I whispered

"Oh" Zayn sat down in the chair. We all turned around and saw Linds making out with Liam.

"A bit awkward don’t you think?" Niall said chuckling

"Get a room!" Zayn winked

"Oh my god look at her she’s red!" I said laughing

"Leave us alone" Linds said holding Liam’s hand and walking away.

 "Well that was fun and weird to watch" niall tried to say without laughing.

"Could you guys hurry up I just got a text from Louis!" Zayn said looking at his phone.


I talked with Zayn and Niall until the girls were ready; I watched them leave the room. They all looked amazing, when they walked out the door I felt great.  I was sooo happy. Ifelt relief.

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