“Liam don’t fucking touch my food mate” I heard Niall complain while I was fighting with Linds about how she stole my last French fries.

“You know I always save the best for the end. I hate it when you do that!” I sighed looking at her in disapproval while she was laughing. “It’s not funny”

“Gosh you two are like little kids. ‘Sharing is caring’.” Zayn said

“You don’t understand I DON’T SHARE MY FOOD.” I said annoyed.

“See. She understands” Niall said with his mouth full of food, which made me giggle.

“Don’t worry love, Niall would definitely share his French fries with you” Lou winked

I stared down at my empty plate of food while everyone continue with the conversation and I felt someone was staring at me, my gaze fluttered up and met with someone’s familiar. 


His gaze was so intense that it intimidates me so I looked away nervously.

“…nevermind it’s cheesy” I heard Louis finish his joke.

“Excuse me” I heard Claire said but I didn’t bother to look up.

Claire’s P.O.V

I started walking confused, without the slightest idea of which door to open since I didn’t know where the bathroom was and I needed to pee.

“Sorry sir…” I tapped a tall man’s shoulder, he turned around but to my surprise he wasn’t a man. 

“I never really thought I would be ever confused by a man” He laughed.

I was mesmerized by the handsome guy who was standing in front of me that I even forgot the reason why I was talking to him.

“Are you alright?” He snapped his fingers in my face.

I moved a little closer, suddenly gaining all my confidence again and I snapped my fingers in his face. “HEY HEY there was no need for that”

He laughed again. “Sorry but it looked like you have never seen a guy before” He paused. “You thought I was a man and I’m only 17. But don’t get me wrong I’m flattered that you consider me a man” He laughed again

“I’m sorry” I giggled. “You’re obviously not a man well…you are. Never mind” I said checking him out and laughing.

He stared at me and paused. “Now I know why you went silent…you think I’m hot” He winked.

I gulped nervously. “What? NO” 

“You totally just checked me out”

“I did not”

“Did to”



“Brian stop flirting with the lady and go do your work” The old man next to him said and we both stared at the floor.

“Where’s the bathroom?” I said after the awkward silence.

“Right, then left and the door that’s pink”

“Thanks” I smiled and started walking away.

“YOU WERE TOTALLY CHECKING ME OUT I’M JUST SAYING” I gasped and turned around to see Brian winking and waving at me. I started walking again, laughing and blushing. I opened the door of the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, my cheeks were red and I found myself smiling like an idiot.

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