They followed me smiling and laughing. They always thought I was born to see cool shops or some kinda of crap like that, they always told me I was good at fashion.

I tried opening the door but BOOM. Someone opened the door first and made me fall I have no idea how.

"Ouch! What the hell is wrong with you?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?" 

I saw a boy with brown curly hair and gorgeous green eyes trying to help me get up but he failed.

"I’m sorry!!!! I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hit you I swear! I’m so sorry." The mistery guy with gorgeous eyes said.

I was trying not to yell at him, I was trying to stay calm and the girls helped me get up.

"It was not your fault…it’s fine"

"I’m so sorry. Are you alright?" He apologized again.

"Stop apologizing. IT’S TOO LATE TO APOLOGIZE." I said chuckling.

He started laughing, he had dimples. Oh my! Dimples were my biggest weakness...And that smile. I think I've never seen someone so beautiful in my life.

"Are you sure you’ll be alright?" He asked and I realized I was kind of day dreaming of some random dude at the mall. But his accent, his smile, those eyes. 

Yeah I'm definitively not okay."

"Yeah don’t worry." I said shyly.

"Okay, good! Well I have to go I’m so sorry!!!"

"Bye…and it’s fine!" 

I smiled at the handsome boy with curly hair, dimples and green eyes. He was lucky…Lucky to be handsome. So after he left I realized my friends were behind me. I opened the door again making sure nobody was going to hit me, and I started walking away when I heard Linds giggling and I stopped walking, then she whispered in my ear: "He was cute."

"I know…" That's all I said.

I looked back to see if there was any sign of the boy with green pierced eyes, but he wasn’t there.  I guess he really had to go.

"You’ll see him later, this mall is huge, don’t worry." Claire said winking at me.

"Pfftt who says I want to see him again?!" I said looking away from her and grabbing a cute short, black dress.

"So why did you turned around to see if he was there?" Linds joined the conversation.

"I...I...I  wanted to make sure he was alright." 

"Alright??? Alright?Sure! Because you were the one who hit him, we’re not stupid and you are a terrible liar." Claire said a little serious.

"Claire is right, you’re a terrible liar!" Linds agreed.

"Whatever" I said pausing."So are we going to stand here talking about something really stupid or are we going to shop?"

"You’re right! We don’t have a lot of time!" Annie said smiling nervously.

"Okay whatever but we know that you liked him" Linds said rolling her eyes.

"No that’s not true, I don’t even know him! So please let's drop the subject" I said a little annoyed.

"Okay Mrs. Grumpy I’m just saying" 

"Stop teasing her Lindsey!" Annie complained.

"Look at this dress" I heard Claire yelled.

Lindsey followed Claire and Annie went her own way while I looked at some shoes. Thank goodness they left.


We’ve been in the mall for two hours and Claire and Linds were fighting over some heels.


"Are you sure you’ll be alright?" 

"Yeah don’t worry!"

"Emma?" Annie said clapping her hands in front of me.


"What’s up? Are you okay?" She asked concerned.

"Yeah I’m fine" I smiled "I just can’t stop thinking in those gorgeous green eyes and if I tell them I know they’ll tease me" I whispered looking at Claire and Linds.

"Yeah I know! But hey! You’ll see him again. DESTINY will make you guys see each other again." Annie laughed.

"Don’t be silly, there’s no way in hell we’ll see each other again. That “destiny thing” only happens in movies." 

"BULLSHIT.I do believe in destiny"

"But I don’t!" I frowned thinking that I was probably never going to see that gorgeous face again.

"Do you girls like this dress?" Claire said holding a pink dress.

"Uh yes." 

"Yeah it’s cute!" Annie smiled.

"So what were you two talking about?" Claire nodded looking at the dress again.

"About how ridiculous you girls are, fighting over some heels, like seriously! What’s wrong with both of you?!?" I said laughing.


I looked at a couple of dresses that were close to me. "Oh look at this dress, I love it."  I said picking up a short dress with flowers.

"That’s cute" Linds said smiling.

"Buy it!" Claire demanded. 

"Ofcourse it was like love at first sight."

"Congratulations" Claire said winking and walking away.

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