I rested my head on the pillow and reached for my phone, it was 9:35 am I looked over me and all the girls were sleeping. Harry who was sleeping in the couch was not there so I went to the bathroom to check if he was in there but there was no sign of him. I heard a noise coming from the balcony and I turned around, there he was wearing boxers and a shirt that said “Jack Wills”.

"Looking for someone?" He said cheerfully.

"Shhhh! Yes for you! What are you doing up so early??" I whispered 

"Checking my Facebook of course, what about you?"

"I don’t know…I just felt like I needed to wake up."There was a long pause and I was staring at the laptop he was holding. " Is that my laptop?" I said laughing.

"Yes, sorry I needed to use it! I needed to change my relationship status" 

"It’s okay…and wait what?"

He showed me his profile and there it was: [Relationship Status: From in a relationship to single. ]

I couldn’t help it so I hugged him, he hugged me back. What a weird person I am.

"I’m so sorry! Are you ok? "

"I feel truly amazing! So do you fancy some breakfast? I’m starving" He sounded so happy. I never met that side of Harry until this morning.

"Fancy? You and your FANCY vocabulary" 

"Sorry babe but that’s not the proper way to use “fancy” in a sentence"

"Do you all Irish and Brits call every single girl “babe”???"

"Well it’s a nice thing to say, isn’t it? " I laughed and nodded with approval. As we walked downstairs I received a text message.

“Heeey(: wanna grab lunch? Xxxx”

“Who is this??? O.e”

“I thought we were bffs. :(xx”


'yes! Hows things?:)xxx'

'They are great, thanks… about to have some breakfast with Harry:)'

'tell him I say hii buddie! What u guys gonna have 4 breakfast?xx'

Harry was looking at me.

"Niall says hi"  

"Hi niall" Harry said half smiling

'Not sure yet, you?'

“Im havin a sausage butty nom nom nom…well ill ring ya later have fun at breakfast:)xxx”


"Woah careful!" Harry yelled. I felt his arm around my waist; my whole face was turning red. 

"I’ m so sorry" thanks!!!!!"  Oh my god I almost fell and Harry saved me. I'm great at embarrrasing myself, I started laughing and Harry joined me."Seriously thank you!"

"Don’t mention it" He said smiling.

We sat in a little pub close to the garden of the hotel and there we ate and talk.

"So are your pancakes good?" Harry asked intrigued to not see me eating.

"Yes I’m just not in the mood for pancakes." How stupid does that sound?

"You have a mood for when to eat pancakes and when NOT TO?"-He  was laughing.

"Oh shut up I know I’m weird"

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