The night was cold but really beautiful, we went immediately to our room without saying a single word and I changed into my pj’s. While the girls were getting ready for bed I went outside to the balcony and I sat down on a table with my laptop, I checked my Facebook and I had 3 notifications and 1 friend request. The three notifications were likes or my parents writing on my wall. And the friend request was from Felicity. I accepted the request and Lindsey came rushing out of the room.

"So?" She asked sitting down in front of me.

"So what?"

"Nanananana. I'm still a rockstar I got my rock moves and I don't need you GUESS WHAT IM HAVING MORE FUN AND NOW THAT YOU'RE GONE..."

"You're soo pathetic" I said laughing at my friend who singing on top of her lungs.

"I know but you love me. So anyways what did you guys talked about?!?!?!?!?"

"About how he wanted to stay in touch with me. He wants us to be friends" I smiled remembering everything.

"You go girl! You need to flirt, and make him break up with the bitch he’s dating. That slut gets on my nerves and please; please don’t make me go visit your aunt any time soon. I seriously hate that fake ass bitch." 

"Woah there! I’m not going to do any of that. She kinda freaks me out and I DON’T LIKE HIM. You don’t even know her! Don’t be like that Linds! And we have to visit her or she’ll come to us with the whole family!!!!!! And we don’t want that."

"Come on Emma why don't you just admit that you like him. Don’t lie to me! You’re my best friend!!!! Yes I don’t know her but she was a total bitch when she asked about us wearing her clothes! Ugh fine. "

"Okay maybe I have a lil’ crush on him but nothing is going to happen. You heard Harry she’s super nice but a little mean. Let’s forget it ever happened and let’s go to bed." 

Lindsey gave me a warm smile and without a word we walked inside the room and turned off the lights, I tried to close my eyes but I couldn’t fall asleep I opened my eyes and all I saw was the dark ceiling.

Little by little I started falling asleep.

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