I looked at myself in the mirror and my eyes fell on my mum's locket.


I wiped away a tear that fell from my eyes and smiled at Louis who was standing in the doorway with a black t shirt and jeans, it may sound informal but he looked alright.

"Your dad wants you to come down, the guests are arriving"

I nodded and looked at myself in the mirror again. It was time for my mum's wake. 

"You don't really have to go out now if you don't want to" He said closing the door behind him and sitting on the edge of my bed.

"What's the point? Either way I'm going to have to go out I can't hide forever" I looked at him through the mirror and watched as he nodded and stared at me.

"Well in other news, you look really pretty Em"

I smiled and turned around.

"Thank you" I sighed and turned around, looking at myself on more time.

"You look okay come on" He said getting up and taking my hand, dragging me downstairs.

"Emma, dear...there you are! I think your Aunt just arrived!" Esmeralda said smiling at me and then walking away. I turned my head towards the door and saw my dad and Aunt Felicia hugging. She spot me staring and waved, I smiled and noticed Louis and I were standing on the hallway, holding hands, I looked at our intertwined hands and smiled. He tried to move the hand away but I shook my head.

"It feels nice, knowing I got you by my side" I said smiling a little.

"I'll always be here. I'm like the mucus on your nose"

"EWW" I said laughing. "You're disgusting"

"I am, but that made you smile" He said winking.

"OMG Emma I'm SOO sorry for your loss" I looked besides Louis and saw Natalie standing there, she pushed Louis and hugged me.

"Aren't you supposed to be at school?"

"How can I be in school when our precious Emma is suffering??" Her fake accent made me shiver, I never really liked Natalie, she's just plain rude but she doesn't know it.  I looked at Louis and mouthed a 'Sorry'

"Well thank you Natalie"

"I was crying so hard when mom told me"

"Yeah..." I paused and rolled my eyes when I saw my little cousin slap my uncle. "Natalie, you can let go now"

"Oh sure" She let go and smiled at me. "You poor little thing"

I faked a smile and play with my hair awkwardly.

"So who was that hot thing you were holding hands with?" She said moving her hips.

I stared at her like if she was some sort of freak and then stared at Louis who was chuckling.

"Louis, meet Natalie" I said pushing Natalie towards him. "Bye" I said smiling and walking where my Aunt was talking with my dad.

"Emma" My dad said. He had bags under his eyes and he looked extremely tired.

"Dad, Auntie" I said barely audible.

"Oh come here my darling" She replied, side hugging me. "I'm here sweet pie!"

"Thank you so much for coming Aunt Felicia"

"You're my family I'll always come when you need me"

"You should go and say hello" My dad said.

"Come on let's go sit by the garden and say hello" Aunt Felicia said

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