"So what are you girls doing tonight?" Felicity asked after a very uncomfortable and awkward silence.

"We're going to a party in a friends' house" Claire replied.

"Woah one week here and you already made friends, impressive. Where’s the party? Do you think I could go? There’s nothing interesting tonight so it would be nice."

I looked at Lindsey who was smiling and nodding her head she was too infatuated so she was being the nicest girl ever. 

"Yeah I’ll tell Liam!  You can bring Harry if you want to?" Linds said politely.

My heart started racing. Why would she say that??

After a couple of minutes we heard a knock on the door.

"Harry babe! " Felicity said throwing her arms around her boyfriend and with a big smile on her she tried to kiss him but he immediately pushed her away she looked confused but she kissed him on the cheek.

"Hi" He said quietly.

We all said hello and hugged him, when it was my turn to hug him I felt like I was going to have a heart attack in any moment.

"Harry! You and Felicity are going to a party with us tonight." Linds shouted from across the room.

"What? I don’t think I can" He said rubbing the back of his neck.

"Yes a friend invited us and you guys are coming so you should like sleepover at our hotel, ask for permission and get yourselves ready because we need to get ready!" Claire demanded being her bossy self.

"Don’t lie Harry yes you can!!" Felicity nudged him.

There was no doubt that Felicity control every little thing Harry did. At the end she convinced him so we waited for an hour because Harry was talking with his mom about us and the party and Felicity. After waiting for an hour we went to the hotel where Felicity’s jaw drop, she was in love with the place and Harry was not amused like her. We all changed and put on our makeup and got our hairs done.


I was wearing a short, cute black dress with a jacket, black heels and a bunch of accessories. Lindsey was wearing shorts, a red shirt, flats and accessories; Claire was wearing some skinny black jeans, heels, and a tunic with Belt, while Annie was wearing a Slouchy Striped Burnout Top and shorts with heels.

No offense towards Felicity but she was dressed as a slut, super short shorts, a top that didn’t even cover anything and some sandals. Oh and Harry, my curly, green eyed crush was wearing jeans, a hoodie and boots. Something really casual, we didn’t said a word but we would stare at each other every once in a while.

"Emma!" Linds yelled obviously desperate to get to the party.

"Coming!!!! Let’s go guys!"

On our way to the party the only one talking was Linds, me being the drama queen I am! stared at the window and pretended like if I was listening a depressing song but the song wasn't that depressing it was “you Belong with me". Next to me was Felicity and Harry cuddling and I was singing the song to myself. Sometimes you just gotta accept the fact that you're not good enough for someone.

Liam’s house was just 20 minutes away from our hotel and when we arrived they were a couple of people outside. We made our way inside the house where Liam greeted us with his usual friendly smile.

"Welcome to my house. Oi! Niall,Lou, Zayn come ‘ere" He said while hugging Linds who wa blushing and giggling.

Three boys and a girl were walking in our direction; a tall, tanned boy with gorgeous eyes holding hands with a blonde, smiley girl. A dark, tall guy with black hair and big brown eyes, and finally a blonde boy with a shy smile who had beautiful, deep blue eyes. I stared at the boy with blue eyes and he stared right back at me, we both shared a small smile and he looked away inmmediately.

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