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There was blood all over my wrist and I had cigarettes all over my room. I was alone. Then the scenario changed and I was standing in a beautiful garden with roses. I looked at my wrist scared but there wasn’t blood anymore. I watched carefully every detail from the garden and closed my eyes, when I opened them I saw myself crying in Harry’s shoulder. We were at my house.

“Emma? Get up! Get up sleepy head…it’s time to go to school”

“Nooo…not school” I mumbled and then opened one eye to see Louis smiling down at me.

“Damn you! You scared me for a second” I said laughing and stretching.

“GET UP. I made you breakfast” He said walking out the door, smiling. I composed myself and breathe. What was that dream about? Maybe it was nothing but dreams always mean something. Even the silliest dream means something. But what did this mean? I shrugged it off and walked downstairs.

“Louis you didn’t have to!” I said grinning

“You said you missed home. I know these are not your mom’s hash browns but its close enough” He said chuckling.

I had told Louis the previous night that I missed my parents, my house, eating breakfast there. I was feeling homesick.

“You’re the best Tommo” I said sitting down and taking a bite of my hash brown. “Hm, close enough. Thank you Lou I really appreciate it” I said blowing him a kiss.

He caught in the air and put it against his cheek in a dramatic way.

“So I’ve spent all night thinking about it…and you’re right. I will ask Eleanor out. I’ll invite her today to our little adventure”

“YAYYYYY” I said getting up and hugging his head.

“Stop it you’re suffocating me”

“I’m really happy for you” I said sitting down again and taking a sip of my orange juice.

“Thanks Em” He replied, munching all the food from his plate.

“So…where are we going?” I asked curiously.

“Ohhh…that missy, I can’t say”

“That’s not fair! Everyone knows except me”

“Harry was the one with the idea and he told us not to tell you. So we shall follow his orders” He said shushing me with his hand.

“Fine, I guess I’ll just have to wait”

“Exactly” He said laughing.

‘Hey there Delilah what’s it like in New York city I’m a thousand miles away girl, but tonight you look so pretty yes you do’

Oh that’s my ringtone! Be right back” Louis excused himself and left. “Ello?” I smiled to myself and kept eating.

*Harry’s P.O.V*

“Hurry Boo bear, I need to get this done by tomorrow morning when we get back to London”

“Alright, alright I’m on my way” Louis said laughing.

“Okay see ya man!” I said hanging up the phone.

Last night when I came home all I could think about was Emma. Everything about her was absolutely perfect. So I stayed up all night, writing some lyrics. I got inspired and this was weird for me. I was not one to write songs or stories or any of that stuff but something changed.She came into my life.

“Vas Happenin Harreeh?” I turned around to see Zayn smiling at me.

“I need your help” I said smiling.

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