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I made my way to the lobby where I found Niall talking with a tall, brunette girl. I saw him walking towards me with a nervous smile...ditching the girl.

"What are you doing?"

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Niall you’re such an idiot! Come here!"

"No, I don’t think it’s a good idea!"

"What do you mean? You just don’t ditch a girl like that Niall!" I said shaking my head.

"But you were there and…"

"Hi! I’m Emma. I guess you already met Niall?" I smiled at the gorgeous girl standing in front of us.

"Hello! I’m Natasha! Yes but he walked away from me. Did I scare you?" She said laughing at Niall who was standing awkwardly behind me like a little kid.

"No, I just wanted to introduce you to Emma" He said shyly.

"Well nice to meet you Emma!"

"Nice to meet you too! Oh my god Niall you should invite her tonight!!!"

"Where?" She asked excited.

"Yes, where?" He asked confused.

"Well Niall and some of my friends are going out tonight and I think it would be nice if you go with Niall since I’m not going he’ll feel alone!" 

"Oh that would be lovely!" She said smiling.

"You’re interested?" Niall asked surprised. I nudged him on the stomach. "I mean yeah buddie! It would mean a lot" He giggled.

"Here’s my number"She said taking out her phone and a piece of paper

"Woah thanks" Niall said grabbing a little piece of paper with her number.

"I’ll go get ready then" 

"Ok, I’ll wait for you here in the lobby" Niall said shyly. She smiled and walked away jumping up and down.

"You’re welcome"I said winking at him.

"Why? My magic worked. "Niall

"So you’re telling me you could’ve of asked that girl out without my help?" I raised my eyebrow.



"No seriously! My leprechaun magic actually worked" He said smiling.

"No! I got you the date now shut up" I said obviously joking

"Fine" He replied rolling his eyes and laughing.

"So what? you’re just gonna wear that?" I asked...but maybe too rudely.

"Yes, anything wrong with this?" Niall said staring at his clothes

"Nooo! Nope, you look cute!" I said smiling

"Why thank you!"

There were a few minutes of silence until Niall said desperately: "Where’s your room? I’m hungry!!!"

"And you think there’s food in my room?"

"No? But there’s this thing call room service I don’t know if you’ve heard of that before" He said sarcastically

“NOOOOO NEVER”- I replied in a sarcastic tone too. “Here it is! My lovely hotel room” 

"FINALLY" He said trying to open the door and knocking really hard.

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