The night before, the girls and I were inseparable. The boys were on one side of the room talking about god knows what, meanwhile we were gossiping. We watched movies, talked about the boys, laughed until our stomachs hurt. It was like old times and we were having so much fun, none of us could believe we were actually in England, we met super amazing and great guys and we also made some awesome friends. We all fell asleep around 4 in the morning and it was like a big sleepover. The next day I woke up around 10 am, everyone else was asleep except for Niall who was sitting on the couch with his phone in the hand. I noticed he was already dressed and I decided to jump on the shower so maybe we could grab some breakfast. By the time I was done showering I noticed Harry was awake too, and he was already dressed.

“Good morning gorgeous” He said as I walked in his direction, he had a smile plastered on his beautiful face.

“Morning Styles” I replied. “So I see you already had a shower?”

“Yup, there’s another bathroom over there!” He said pointing to the little door that was behind him.


“Yeah, anyways…ready?”

“What? Ready for what…?”

“Our date” He said grinning.


“Yes I’m kidnapping you! It’s all day! We’ll be back after dinner, I promise”

“Where are we going?” I said smiling and looking down.

“Take my hand…it’s a surprise” He said offering me his hand. I accepted and started walking with him, until he stopped. “Oh, silly me, you’ll need a bikini”

“Wait what?”

“Yes…a bikini!” He said chuckling.

“I left half of my clothes at the hotel and half of my clothes at Louis’ house” I said pausing until I had an idea. “Wait…I think Lindsey has one. Be right back”

I walked silently to where Lindsey’s bags were and grabbed the bikini that was inside, I tip toed to the bathroom and got changed.  When I walked out Harry started whistling.

“Shut it Harold.”

“What? You look cute!!!”

“You’ll wake everyone up”

“I don’t care…I want the world to know how beautiful you are” He said leaning in closer and kissing me. I swear every time he kissed me it was ten times more magical. When we pulled away we walked silently outside and headed off to our date.


Blasting music in the car, cracking jokes, talking about ourselves, that’s all we did. I loved being in Harry’s company so much. I could just be myself. I felt happy and I wanted to feel like this forever.

“We’re here babe” He got off the car quickly and as I was about to open the door, he opened it for me.

“What a gentleman” I said, giving him a kiss in the cheek.

“I’ll always be a gentleman for my lady” He said winking and taking my hand.

“So what are we doing today and where are we??” I asked looking around.

“Sutton on sea beach, do you like it?”

“It’s gorgeous.” I said smiling, “So…what are we doing again?”  I asked again.

“Well…First we can golf, then we can go to the beach, then we can eat, go to the beach again, have fun, dance, be crazy, live for the moment, kiss, go to the beach again, and make out, erm…yeah.” He said chuckling and taking me to a bench that was close to the beach.

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