‘I was playing the piano when suddenly it all changed and I felt warm lips pressed against mine.’

“Hmm” I mumbled, trying to stretch but it was impossible since I was pinned down by another body.

My eyes fluttered opened to reveal Harry grinning at me.

“Get off me” I said struggling to get up.

“Nope until you…” I cut him off.

“Let me guess…until I kiss you?”

“YES” He said leaning closer, I giggled and kissed him lightly. I could feel his lips curving into a smile while kissing me. He pulled away gently and jumped out of bed.

I watched as he left the room, smiling I closed my eyes.

“YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME? I JUST LEFT!” I felt someone shaking me. I opened my eyes slowly and groaned.

“GO AWAY” I said shutting my eyes close.

“No wake up sleepy head it’s breakfast time.”

I smiled and opened my eyes once again, observing every little detail of him. His curls were all over his face which made me giggle.

“Someone woke up in the right side of the bed” I mumbled.

“Someone woke up in the right side of the bed” he mocked.

“Oh shut up”

“Oh shut up”

“Harry I’m serious it’s not funny”

“Harry I’m serious it’s not funny” He repeated, laughing.

“I hate you” I said crossing my arms in front of him and looking away.

“No you don’t” He said, suddenly I felt someone tickling me.

“STOP IT” I said in fits of laughter, he stopped and kissed me gently.

“Come on babe, eat your breakfast” Harry said placing a plate full of fruits, and eggs in front of me, as in cue my stomach growled.

“This looks delicious” I said biting my lip and looking at him.

“I know…I’m quite the looker and quite the cooker” He said winking at me.

 “…and Lou calls me the dork” I replied laughing and shaking my head.

“Well we can be dorks together” He smiled.

I focused my attention back in my plate full of food and I couldn’t help but think in Louis.

“Where’s Lou?” I asked Harry who had stood up from the bed and was staring out the little window inside of Louis’ room.

“He’s in the other room, eating his breakfast” He replied, turning to look at me, smiling, that dashing smile of his.

“Aw you made BooBear breakfast?”

He laughed and nodded, walking towards the bathroom.

“I’m going to take a shower, alright?”

“Yes sweet pea” I said laughing.

“Oh don’t call me that” He furrowed his eyebrows and laughed, walking inside the bathroom.

I smiled and grabbed my breakfast, walking carefully outside the room. I walked slowly and tried to knock on the door without letting my food slipped out of my plate, knowing how clumsy I am it could happen. I mentally shrugged and walked inside the room where I found Louis in the bedroom, looking extremely vulnerable, broken just staring at the television in front of him. The tv wasn’t even on.

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