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Hey guys! It has been so long. I am seriously so sorry for not updating. I almost gave up writing but certain someone encouraged me to write again.  I feel as if this chapter is not that good as it's been so long. Please do comment what you think and do comment.


"where did I go?", Jake asked.

"I have no idea. I freaking searched you for half an hour. I couldn't find you. I thought I need some alcohol in my system to deal with you so I just took a swing of the drink in the red cup. Then after few minutes I found you dancing stupidly on the dance floor. You asked me to dance. That's what I remember", Bella said and tried to remember if she danced with him or not but she couldn't clearly remember.   

"Did you dance with me or not?", Jake asked her curiously as he had no idea what happened. Bella held out her finger telling him to wait for a minute as she was trying to remember.

"What?", He asked as he didn't understand her.

"Can't you be quiet for a minute? I am trying to remember here", Bella said annoyed. After a minute Jake asked, "So did we?

"I can't remember", Bella said and groaned in defeat.

"You guys danced", Anna said grinning widely.

"How do you even know?", Jake asked.

"We may or may not be the duo dancing behind you", Shane said.

"Dancing? That's what you call dancing? You guys were totally grinding ", Harry said teasingly.

"We were not grinding", Anna and Shane said defensively at the same time but crimson dusted Anna's cheeks.

"We were just dancing to spy on them", Shane said pointing Bella and Jake.

"You had no idea they were beside you until Bella landed on you breaking you guys apart", Harry said.

"Hey! We did. We were just acting like we were grinding on each other", Anna said blushing furiously.

"So now you guys do agree you were grinding?", Harry asked mockingly.

"We were just act-grinding", Shane said blushing a bit.

"Yeah yeah, It totally looked like that", Harry said sarcastically with a mischievous smile on his face.

"Wait! Wait! Wait! I landed on them? What the hell did exactly happen?" , Bella asked curiously.


(At party yesterday)

Harry was sitting on the couch and sipping orange juice from the paper cup in hand. He was supposed to keep an eye on Bella but she was nowhere to be found. He spotted her forty five minutes ago when she entered the house. He followed her closely but he lost her because of some red head who wanted to franchise with him. He rejected her offer and turned to look for Bella but she was gone. He tried to look for her or Jake but no luck. Andrew and Laura were supposed to be with him but they suddenly disappeared too. He had no idea where Shane and Anna were as they were supposed to keep an eye on Jake. He tried to call other but no one picked up so he just gave up and ended up sitting on couch.

"Hey! You want to dance?", Some blonde girl asked him gesturing towards the make shift dance floor which was Jacob's living room until this morning.

"Not really", Harry declined her politely.

He boredly looked at the couples dancing on the dancing floor. Few couples were dancing and others were grinding on each other. His eye quickly caught Jake dancing stupidly next to grinding couple. He was about to walk to him when he saw Bella approaching him. He decided to just spy on them from afar. They were discussing something but he couldn't hear them so he suddenly grabbed a girl who walked past him and led her to the dance floor.

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