Chapter 5: day two (part 2)

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Their eyes did not leave each other's. Joke's head inched towards. That's when they heard.

" Don't you want me, baby?

Don't you want me? Oh! "

That was Jake's ringtone. That broke Jake out of  his mesmerism. He took out his phone, his eyes still not leaving Bella' whose eyes were busy examining the ground.

"Hey Jake" Jasmine greeted him. Jake still didn't reply. He was still in daze of shock.

"Hey, Jake. Are you there? You can hear me, right?" Jasmine asked as she didn't get any reply.

"Yes Jazz I am here" Jake replied. Bella realized he was in phone with Jasmine.

"Is Bella coming?", Jasmine asked impatiently.

"I don't think so" he said thinking about Bella's messy T-shirt.

"Is Bella with you?"Jasmine asked him.

"Yeah" Jake replied absentmindedly.

"Hand the phone to Bella", Jasmine pleadingly ordered Jake with a evil undertone.

"Here" Jake said as he handed the phone over to Bella. Jake knew what his little sister's evil plan was. It was nothing but sweet talking  Bella into giving in to his sister's request unlike him.

"Hey Bella, its Jasmine. You are coming right? Please don't say no please please" Jasmine pleaded with her super sweet voice.

Being kind hearted as Bella is, she couldn't say no to such a pleading little girl.

"Yeah, I am coming" Bella said smiling without thinking about her situation.

'What? She is coming? How can't she  think about herself? She is smiling like a fool as she pleases my sister. She  really is dump' Jake thought irritated.

"Then I will meet you in a while", Jasmine said hanging up her phone.

When Bella and Jasmine were talking, several questions were storming in Jake's mind. They were

1. Why the heck he want to comfort her? (Because her never tried to comfort anyone and has hurt many girls )

2. Why the hell he wanted to kill the person that did this to her?

3. Did he have no one to kiss? Why the heck did he want to kiss her that badly?

4. Why the heck did his heartache when she cried?

Finally he came to a stupid conclusion which he thought it was the truth. 'Yeah, jake, You helped her because of your human tendency. Nothing more  nothing less'

Then a thought stroke  Jake's mind. ' why the heck did  you wanted to kiss her? What else? You are just attracted to her' another voice stroke his mind. 'What? Am I crazy to be attracted to a girl like her? Even  nerds wouldn't like a girl like her. It's just because I don't have a sexy and hot cheerleader girlfriend right now. That' s why even the ugly duckling is looking stunning. Nothing more. Nothing LESS", he thought.

That's when Bella handed him back his phone.

'Jake you are a man. Act like nothing happened. If you don't, you are lost ' he thought.

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