Jungle boy and dirty girl!

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Hey guys! Does anyone watch How to get away with murder? Last night I was totally hooked up to the show. I started to watch it after dinner but the next thing I know is sun is already up. I barely got some sleep.


"Dare", she said between laughter. She still couldn't stop laughing which made him a bit annoyed.

"I dare you to act like a cute dog and roll over the ground", Jake said and smirked at her.

"But I will get dirty", Bella said defensively.

"Someone is a big baby", Jake said mockingly.

"Fine I will do it", Bella said.

Bella went on her knees and placed her two hands on the ground as if her hands were her other two legs. She put out her tongue and acted like a dog.

"Roll over", Jake commented between his laughter.

"Hey! It's so muddy", Bella complained and made a disgusted face.

"Dogs don't talk let alone complain", Jake said.

"Fine", Bella said and started to roll over on the ground like a dog for few times. Jake broke into loud laughter. He put his head back and rolled over in laughter. He almost fell off the swing laughing at her.

" My poor white shirt", Bella said as she examined her now dirty white top.

"Dare or Dare?", Bella asked him with an evil glint in her eyes.

"Dare baby", Jake said cockily.

"I dare you to climb that tree by the pond and act like Tarzan", Bella said and gave him a smug smile.

"Thank god, I thought it would be much worse", Jake said and ran towards the tree. He quickly climbed the huge tree. When he was halfway up the trunk, he turned around and gave Bella a cockily look. At once he reached the branch which could bear almost double his weight. He stood up and yelled, "Aaaaah....Aaaaaaah.....Ahahah......." and bet his chest like Tarzan. After his little stunt, he sat on the branch in which he was standing.

"So what do you think?", Jake asked.

"OMG! I think they totally casted the wrong guy for the movie. Definitely, you deserve to be Tarzan the most. ", Bella said with a mock serious face.

"I know right", Jake said cockily.

"Seriously I think this is the huge loss to the film industry. No one can act as realistic as you. ", Bella said and clapped mockingly.

"I know", Jake said smirking.

"I must really appreciate you. You plus a wig and minus clothes make a perfect Tarzan", Bella said.

"If you want me to undress all you want to do is ask babe", Jake said smirking.

"Like I ever want to see your pot belly", Bella said and fake gagged.

"You and I, we both know what's inside this is not that", Jake said cockily and pointed to his shirt where his abs were.

"Whatever", Bella said and she turned around and gazed the sky.

"Come on up here. It's really nice here", Jake said but she just avoided him and continued what she was doing.

"What are you doing?", Jake asked.

"Cant you see, I am avoiding you and looking at the stars", Bella snapped which made jake scowl.

"It's your loss then. You know the stars look so pretty from here. They are so bright and bigger. It's the best sight you can ever see. ", Jake exaggerated. His scowl was now long gone instead a wicked smile took its place.

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