Change Of Plan

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"Seriously?", Jake asked trying to mash his expression .

"yep, I have been totally crushing on him for three years", Bella said smiling shyly .

"Wow! That's long", Jake said trying to laugh at her.

"Yeah", Bella said smiling thoughtfully as if she was reminiscing about something. Jake couldn't maintain his cool facade anymore and he lost it by now.

"What do you even like in that guy?", Jake said making a disgusting face.

"What's not there to... ", Bella was cut short by Jake's phone.

" Jake, Where the hell are you? ", Andrew asked.

" Granny's dinner ", Jake said.

" You are late, man. what the hell are you still doing there? ", Andrew asked. Jake held his forefinger to Bella as if saying he will be back in one minute and walked out of the dinner.

" We were talking. Time just slipped up. I think we must cancel the plan ", Jake said.

" What? why? Are you crazy? ", Andrew asked.

" I am not crazy. She said to me she has crush on Harry", Jake said.

"So, plan cancel? ", Andrew asked.

" YEAH. I will just talk to her a bit and take her home ", Jake said and sighed.

'I don't have to ask her out. I must feel relieved, right? Why do I feel... Sad? Maybe you like her. No way. This is crazy', Jake thought as he sat on his seat opposite to Bella.

" Is everything good? You look down", Bella asked worriedly.

"Yeah everything is great. What were we talking about? ", Jake said trying to put on a fake smile on his face.

"Nothing. Just what I like about my crush", Bella said.

"So what do you like about him? ", Jake asked.

" I love everything about him. His cute dimpled smile, his green orbs, his  Amazing voice... ", Bella was cut off by Jake.

'Love? That's a big word. I have a dimpled smile too. Why doesn't she like that? Green eyes? Mine are blue. Should I consider wearing green lens? Why the hell do I have an urge to rip Harry's eye out of his sockets? Great voice? But that guy seriously can't sing to save his life" , Jake thought.

"He doesn't have an amazing voice. He sucks", Jake said frowning.

"Jake darling, you must seriously consider visiting ENT specialist. I think something is wrong with your ear", Bella said in a serious tone .

"Nothing is wrong with my ear", Jake snapped.

"Whatever you say. Let me continue. I like his tattoos. I love his brown curly mess on his head. It's just tooo.... ", she was again cut off by Jake," Wait... Wait..... Harry doesn't have a curly hair. ".

" He does", Bella said.

"He doesn't. I have known him since birth. He has black hair which is damn straight as me", Jake said.

"OMG!!!... HAHAHA..... ", Bella started to laugh holding her stomach.

" Why are you laughing? ", Jake asked irritated.

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