Couple Goals

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Bella was walking down the aisle with music playing in the background and everyone's eyes were on her including Jake's who had a bright smile on his face. He was handsome in his black suit and she was not any worse. She looked stunning long flowing wedding gown.

"BELLA!", Bella heard someone yell.

"No! Not now", Bella mumbled.

"BELLA SWAN! Wake up!", She heard the same voice again which was very much similar to her sister.

"No! I need to kiss him now", Bella mumbled and was about to kiss her pillow. Suddenly the pillow was yanked away from her.

"What the hell are you mumbling about? Wake up, sleepy head", Jessica yelled and nudged Bella for which she responded by rolling over and planting her face on another pillow.

"Wake up! Wake up! You dump sleepy head", Jessica sang loudly in nasal voice and shook Bella wildly.

"Shut up! Go away!", Bella said which was muffled by the pillow and sounded more like 'huut uhhh! Goo uhh!'. Jessica bent down so that her mouth was exactly near Bella's ear and start singing 'Wake up' by 'The Vamps' loudly.

'You are deep in a coma

But i stood right there

When you thought there was no one

I was still right here

You were scared, but i told you

Open up your eyes

I was always in front of you

So wake up

Your sleeping heart'

"Shut the hell up! If you were my alarm clock, I would have slammed you against the wall", Bella yelled and turned her back to her sister.

"Wake up, you stupid excuse of a sister. You are worse than those kids next door. I don't even know how you managed to get a boyfriend", Jessica said.

"Arrgg", that's the only response she got from Bella.

"Well, talking about boyfriend, yours is waiting in living room. Should I just ask him to wake you up instead?", Jess said. As she didn't get any reply she continued "For your information, you look like ghost, zombie and monster combined together. You might scare him off and he might break up with you". As soon as Bella heard the word break up, her eyes snapped open that made Jessica smile triumphantly.

"Do whatever you want. He has seen much worse. Now let me sleep", Bella said and closed her eyes again.

"Fine, I give up", Jess said and left the room.

He has seen her in her worst. It has been eight months since they got back together. He has seen her messy bed hair several times. He has seen her cry to movies with her eye liner running down her face. He did tease her about it later but always comforted her when she cried. He has seen her smile, laugh like hyena, snort, eat messily like a pig, cry stupidly but still he liked her. Lot has changed over months. Bella and Jake's relationship progressed and they even said the L-word few months ago. Jasmine got a boyfriend which made Jake mop for weeks. Much to Shane's displeasure Anna even grew up an inch which everyone thought impossible. Only thing that didn't change was their friendship. As usual, they hung out together all the time. But as the final exams were approaching their movie and game nights, turned into study nights. They worked really hard. Even Harry who hated to study studied hard. They graduated few weeks ago. Luckily everyone managed to graduate. As expected Laura was the valedictorian.

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