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Bella opened her eyes slowly. White ceiling was the first thing she saw.  That's definitely not her room as her room had purple ceiling. Then she groaned as pain shot up her legs. That's when she noticed she was lying on Jake's couch and he was sleeping on the floor. He looked so calm. His eye brows were lightly creased. His lips were no more holding the huge smirk he usually tend to have, instead they were lightly pouted making him look like a baby begging for a chocolate. Her eyes were focused on his lips.

'God! He looks so... God! I don't even know what to say. His lips are so pink and  kissable... Did I just say  think that? No... No... No... Scratch that.... Bella you pervert... Stop staring at him like a hawk and get a grip . Damn crazy female hormone! ', she cursed. Bella then checked her watch. It was almost 7.00 AM.

"Shit, I am going to be late to
school", Bella said to herself as she quickly sprung up from the couch.

"Jake... Jake... Wake up.. Damn! Wake up...! ",  Bella nudged him. Jake groaned but turned around and continued to sleep.

" Jake.. Just wake up already ", Bella said in a warning tone. But she got no response.

" Shit! What the f**k?", Jake sprung up quickly only to see Bella laughing like a manic with a empty glass in her hand.

"Haha... God! That was
hilarious ", Bella said between her laughter.

" That was not at all hilarious. The water is freezing and I might seriously die from flu", Jake said dramatically .

"First of all no one dies from flu and water was not even that cold. Quit being such a drama queen and definitely that was hilarious.. ", Bella stated.

" Ok, I will not die but seriously waking up with your face drenched in cold water is not anyone's definition of hilarious ", Jake said defensively.

"Agree or not that was definitely hilarious ", Bella said laughing.

"Was not", jake said.

"Was too",  Bella said.

"Was not and did you just wake me up by pouring damn cold water in my face for arguing like this? ", Jake  asked.

" Shit! I am late. Take me home",  Bella ordered him. He just stared like her as if he saw pigs flying. He has never seen her order anyone like this. That shocked him. Seeing his reaction Bella added, "maybe please...".

"Late? For what? Don't say me you go to school this early.. You don't right? ", Jake asked her.

" Actually I usually go earlier that this", Bella said smiling sheepishly.

"Who in the right mind would go to the school this early?", Jake argued.

" Hello Mr. I-come-to-school-only-to-pick-up-girls if you didn't know I would like to enlighten you that there are few people who comes school early intended to learn. Unfortunately I am one of them", Bella said teasingly.

"Do you really think I come to school to pick girls? ", Jake asked with a serious expression in his face. Bella 's eyes widened as she realized her slip up. The hurt expression in his face made her regret what she said.

" sor.... " Bella started to apologize but it was cut off by his laughter.

" Hahaha you actually fell for it? I can't believe it.... Hahaha... You thought I was that emotional ",  Jake laughed. Bella averted her eyes and looked down blushing deep shades of red.

" But you were not right. I don't pick up girls,  they throw themselves on me", Jake said laughing.

"You are so full of yourself", Bella said.
"Who won't be when they have  hot body and a handsome face like this",  he said pointing him.

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