MISSION: Let's Get The Stupids Together

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"Bella, please. I love you. Don't leave me. I will do whatever you want me to do ", Jake begged.

She wanted to believe him. She wanted to say she loved him too. She wanted to give them another chance. But she afraid that he would break her heart again.

"Jake, I am sorry. I love you too but I can't do this anymore. You said you will do whatever I want, right? This is what I want. I want time, Jake. I want you to leave me alone. ", Bella said.

" Fine. Take your time, Bel. I will be waiting for you. How long do you want? ", Jake said.

" Jake, please. Don't make this
harder. I just don't want to be hurt again. Please leave me alone ", Bella said.

" If that's what you want, I will leave you alone ", Jake said. With that he walked away without even looking back at her.
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After three months,

" ELLA, you are definitely going to homecoming dance", Anna said.

"Not this again. I am not going and that's finall", Bella said as she kept the chemistry book in her locker. Anna was standing beside her playing with her hair .

"Come on. This is our senior year", Anna said pleading.

Even though it has been three months since they broke up, Bella couldn't forget him. She couldn't move on. She always thought she would go to homecoming dance with Jake. She could not bring herself to go without him.

"Even if I want to go, I don't have a dress", Bella reasoned.

"we can always buy a dress", Anna said excitedly .

"But we don't have time", Bella said even though there was one week for the dance.

"Are you kidding? It doesn't take a freaking week to find a dress ", Anna said and narrowed her eyes at her.

" Fine. But I don't have a date", Bella said even though she had no plans of going to homecoming dance.

"Nick would love to be your date", Anna said.

"But I don't like him", Bella said.

"Then you can go stag", Anna said.

"I don't want to be the third wheel. ", Bella said.

" I can always ditch Steve. We can both go as stag. Girl's night. How does that sound? ", Anna asked excitedly.

" Horrible. That poor guy has been crushing on you for years. That's mean, Anns", Bella said and shook her head disappointedly at Anna.

Bell rang indicating next class was going to start in few minutes. Bella thanked god.

"Okay, I am not ditching him. But this conversation is not over", Anna said and walked in the direction of  her next class.

Bella's next class was Home-ed. She shared this class with Harry. She entered the class and took her seat beside Harry.

"Hey", Harry said.

"hey", she said nodding in response.

"So escaped from Anna? ", Harry asked.

" Barely. She still hasn't given up ", Bella said and sighed.

" That's sad for you", Harry said laughing at her.

She started talking to Harry and others after a month of pleading. They were not as close as they were before but their relationship was okay. They were not sitting together in lunch but they still greeted and talked whenever they see each other .

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