Drunk Jake Is Equal To?

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Bella couldn't sleep as she wanted to know why suddenly he decided to message her after ignoring her like a plague for months. So she was pondering if she should call him or not. She took her phone from the night stand deciding to call him.

'You told him to leave you alone. What if he is mad and didn't want to talk to you? ', a question stroke her mind.

So she decided not to call him. She kept her phone back on the night stand and lied on her bed. She closed her eyes and tried to drift off to sleep. She couldn't as only thing on her mind was several what if questions.
Like what if Jake was in danger? What if he was kidnapped? What if he messaged her for help? She couldn't take it anymore so she quickly got up and grabbed her phone. She was about to call him but he bet her to it. She quickly picked up her phone in two rings.

"Hello", Bella said as soon as she picked the phone.

She didn't get any reply instead she heard some shuffling sound in the background. Several scenario of Jake being in danger came to her mind. Each one was worse than the previous one.

"Jake? Jake? Are you okay?", Bella asked panicked.

"Bel, please don't go out with Duke ", Jake slurred which was more like,' Bel, peace don't kout wit dunk'.

" Jake? What are you trying to say? Are you trying to inform me that you are kidnapped by someone using code words? If so, I cant understand you ", Bella said as she had no idea what he was saying. She thought he was using some code words to convey her some message.

" No! I just don't want you to date to Duke ", Jake slurred. But this time it was clearer than the previous time.

"Who the hell is Duke?", Bella asked as she really had no idea who he was.

"Bel, please don't date him", Jake pleaded.

"Oh shit! Jake, are you drunk? ", Bella asked as soon as she realized that he was slurring.

" Nope! ", Jake said defensively like he always does when he gets drunk.

" You are definitely drunk", Bella said and shook her head at him not realizing he couldn't see her through phone.

"Nah! Not even a bit", Jake whined childishly.

"That's what you say when you are about to pass out every time", Bella said and laughed at the memory of him passing out on Andrew 's dog after saying the exact same thing.

"Nope", Jake said childishly.

"How much did you really drink? ", Bella asked and smiled at his childish antics.

" 15? 20? I don't know. I had too many to count. I lost the count after 8th drink", Jake slurred.

"How the hell are you even still on your foot? ", Bella asked.

" Who do you take me for? I am flash. I can't get drunk", Jake said drunkenly. Suddenly Bella heard shuffling sound in Jake's background like he lost his footing and fell.

"Oh god! Jake, are you okay? ", Bella asked concerned.

" I am. Why would I not be? ", Jake asked trying to cover up his fall.

" Fine! Please tell me guys are with you ", Bella said. Jake turned and looked for his friends but they were not there.

" Nope", Jake said.

"You have a ride home, right? ", Bella asked as she didn't want him to drive home drunk.

" Yep", Jake said.

"Who is your ride? ", Bella asked.

" Who else? Me", Jake said proudly.

"Oh god! Don't dare to drive in this state. Where the hell are you? ", Bella asked.

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