Married Or Not???

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I am back home. Even it is only for a weekend it feels really awesome.

"Home is really where heart is😍"


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"Shit! I freaking can't believe I that stupid enough to get married drunk", Jake said and groaned.

"Well, that's the truth ", Bella said controlling her laughter as best as she could.

" Oh my god! I am going to die. My mom always wanted my wedding to be grand and Jazz wanted to be the prettiest flower girl. They are definitely going to kill me. Shit! I forgot about Anna. She wanted to be a bridesmaid in my wedding. She will definitely murder me if she found out I got married without inviting her. ", Jake said freaking out.

" Your mom and Jazz can't even hurt a fly so you can stay assured. But I can't say the same to Anna ", Bella said in a seriously tone trying to control her laughter.

" Even if I was lucky enough to be alive, I have to give up my hockey dreams. I have to quit school and get a job to support us. No one will hire me. I am not even qualified. The only job I can ever get is bus boy. I heard working as a bus boy is hard and pay is not even good. SHIT! I never thought my life would turn out this way", Jake rambled.

Bella crinkled her brows and composed her face to a sad expression. She drooped her head a bit down and started to rub her eyes with her knuckles. She let out a fake sob and said, "You don't love me. That's why...".

Jake cut her off by saying, "Bel, I love you. It's just I never thought I would marry someone this young. So I freaked out. Sorry, babe. I never thought my little freak out would make you feel like this. Please don't cry", Jake said guiltily not realizing that she was acting. He rubbed her hand trying to soothe her. She still kept on her act.

"Bella, I am sorry. Please look at me", Jake said as he cupped her face and made her look into his eyes.

Jake's expression was perfect example of concern. His eyebrows were scrunched together and his lips were parted apart. Bella's sad face lasted for few seconds after which it crumbled and she broke into laughter. She laughed so hard closing her eyes and pointing her finger at him.

Jake watched her with confused expression on his face as he had no idea why she was laughing. The wheels on his mind were turning as realization dawn to him. As soon as he put the pieces together, his eyes turned into narrow slits at her and he asked, "We are not married. You tried to pull a prank on me, didn't  you?.

"I can't believe... you.. fell for that. ", Bella said between her laughter.

"You are so stupid. There were many loop holes. For one, Priest would never allow two intoxicated teenagers to get married. Two, there is no ring in your hand", Bella said and started to laugh again.

"You better stop laughing ", Jake said threateningly and mock glared at her.

" Or.. What will you.. do? ", Bella said between her laughter.

" Well, I will... ", Jake let his sentence trail in air as he stepped forward with a daring look on his face. Bella hastily took a step back, eyeing him cautiously. Her laughter was long gone now and silence prevailed. He took another step towards her and she withdrew another step, her back hitting the wall behind her.

Jake closed the small gap between them as he leaned in, bracing his forearms on the either side of her face. Two knocks came onto the door shattering the silence.

Jake ignored it and was about to close the very small gap between them. Another round of six knocks came onto the door. For a moment, the knock stopped but after few seconds another round of knocks came. These knocks were loud, clear and screamed urgency. The knock completely pulled her out from her trance.

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