Who Is Trying To Kill Who?

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Like I said here is the update....!
I changed the male lead. Don't ask me why I don't know....! Here is jake...!


Bella was already half the way in stairs when Jake came to senses and said " Bel..... You look.....".

" I look what?", Bella asked him.

"you look..... " Jake started again trying to finding right word to complete his sentence but he couldn't find one.

" You don't have to point out the obvious . I already know how I look now. I probably look like a zombie with my eye make up trailing down my face and I am not at all coming with this Pathetic excuse of dress", Bella sighed as she headed towards Anna's room with Jake rooted in his spot.

'what did you expect bella? For him to say you are beautiful or more like hot as Anna said? You must probably look like a slut who has been crying as her 200th boyfriend dumped her or something. Haha ironic', Bella thought as she grabbed her dress and walked to bathroom to change into something comfortable.

As soon as she saw her reflection in the mirror she was so shocked to see how bad she looked. She looked a lot worse that what she thought she would. Her mascara was running down her checks forming a black lines as she expected. Her eyes were all red and puffy from crying. Her cheeks flushed pink. Her hair was identical to Einstein's . Her hand where that jerk had held her was redder that other parts.

'No wonder jake couldn't find a right word to explain how I looked. I myself can't find a right word. I guess zombies look a lot better than me no no... I don't guess. I am damn sure they do look better than me. At least he didn't point out the obvious. That's really nice of him. I don't think I would have lived a day if Mace saw me like this. He was such a prick. He always finds some reason to tease me. I don't know what my sister sees in him', Bella sighed as she was wiping the make up off her face.
...... @.......

Jake set the oven to reheat the Chinese food. He walk to the counter and sat on it.

(p. S. God! I am so hungry. I seriously want to eat some Chinese food... Mouth watering... Don't mind me.. Happy reading)

'God! What is she doing to me? If any other girl had their eye liner or mascara or whatever shit they call running down their face, I would have never hesitated even a bit and would have called them ugly or something. But I couldn't do that to her. Even in that state I found her cute. It's crazy, right? I must have gone crazy.. Like she said I accept her dress is really Pathetic excuse of dress. She looked hot, sexy, beautiful and all. But that is definitely not a dress to GO clubbing. Her dress showed her killer legs. I never knew she had such a long legs. I can't even imagine how many guys were eye raping her tonight. That very thought made me want to kill all those guys. Even I was left speechless and rooted in my spot. I am really gonna kill Anna for the worst stunt she pulled tonight. DAMN YOU SHORTIE', Jake thought.
........ @.....

Jake was now sitting on the couch with food set in the table before him. He was deep in his thought thinking about something. If you were wondering, what he was thinking about? Yeah it's about Bella.

"Jake, what are we watching? ", bella called him as she walked towards the couch.

No response

" Jake"

No response

"Earth to jaaakkeeeee....! ", Bella yelled in his ear waving her hand before his face.

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