Shitty yet Romantic Plan Ever...!

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HEY GUYS...! If you guys correctly remember the bet lasts for 7 days nd this chap is sixth day evening...!

Anyway happy reading...!

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Jake was changing back to his regular wear from his gym clothes in boys locker room which was almost empty when he heard one of the most annoying voice say, "Hey, sugarpie".

'God! Not him... No... What the hell he wants to talk? Wasn't gym torture enough to punish me? Now do I really have to have a conversation with this retard...? Hell no... ', Jake thought.

It's not that Jake hated running or something. Him being a ice hockey player, he had training almost every day. He liked playing games in
P. E. T hour and all but he seriously hated sharing the hour with girls... You may ask me him being player, he must like to be surrounded by girls... Yeah of course he should... But listen carefully... The girls I mentioned here are not Anna type or even Bella type but they are Stella or her wannabe types.

His day was eventful as girls kept hitting on him and trying to score date Or two... Whatever, it was really Pathetic to see some girls throw seductive smile, wearing very short shorts to grab his attention but none really caught his eye. He just felt disgusted for some unknown reason.

As the teacher dispersed them, he thought he is finally going to get rid of those stupid bimbos. But he was clearly wrong because when he made his way towards locker room, Stella stopped him by launching herself on him. She stalled by having nonsense talk with him about ten minutes which was for him like several hours . He was about to say her to f*ck off but she bet him by shamelessly inviting him to her place tonight. He scoffed and turned her down rudely by saying he is not planning to get STD's anytime soon as he really didn't want to get castrated by Anna.

He seriously didn't like her. In his mind, she was just a slut who threw herself at every good looking guy at the arm length. He really didnt know what made Anna hate her but he clearly knew that Stella was a cheating bitch as she suggested quickie in janitor closet when she was dating Tyler. He then made his way to locker room took a fast shower as he was pretty late already and started to change his clothes only to be interrupted by someone saying, "hey, sugar pie".

"What the hell do u want, Nick? ", Jake sneered.

" What got your panty in twist? ", Nick tested his patience.

" Just cut the crap . Say what do you want? ", Jake snapped.

" Nah...! I just want to remind you that you will be a sore loser tomorrow ", Nick said wickedly.

"what?", Jake asked him confused.

"Don't say me you forgot about the bet, loser", Nick said. But he seriously did forget about the bet. Him talking to Bella was definitely more than for bet now. He liked her company and her witty comment.

"Like I would ever. Your deeds are finished here, right? ", Jake asked him. Nick just nodded his head.

" Then drag your Pathetic excuse of your face out of here", Jake snapped. Nick just left wordlessly .

"woah...! Someone is moody. ", Andrew stated the obvious.

" Btw seriously about the bet. What are you going to do? Did you already kiss her or something? ", Harry asked him.

" For the first question, I have no idea and for second, not yet", Jake said.

"So are you going to be his slave for a week? ", Andrew asked him. Jake groaned.

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