It Started With A Bet!!

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Hi guys! This is my first story. This is the first thing I ever attempted to write. This one is crinkle worthy. I swear it will get better. English is not my first language so there may be few mistakes. Who am I kidding? There are lots of mistakes. But I promise to correct it soon.

Francisco Lachowski as Jake Carrel

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Bella is chased by three drunken boys. She is all sweaty and breathing hard as she has been running for a while now trying to escape from them. They caught her and forcefully pulled her somewhere in the dark towards end of the street. She tried to escape from their hold but she could not. They pinned both her hands behind her body and started to molest her. They were touching and feeling her everywhere. She was begging them to leave her. She was totally broke and tears started to whelm down her face. She shouted for help as loud as she could but to no avail. Suddenly a guy came out of nowhere and knocked out the creepy perverts. Because of the darkness she could not see her savior's face clearly.

Suddenly Bella was pulled back, when she heard,

"Come on, Bella. Wake up, it's time to go to school ", Jessie, her younger sister who is 14 years old, tried to wake her up. Bella woke up stretched her hands.

"I had a nightmare again", she said.

" Same nightmare, again? ", Jessie asked. Bella nodded as she stood up to get ready to school.

Bella shared everything with her sister. Even though Jessie was younger than Bella she always protected Bella and took a good care of her like an older sister.

"Bella, have your breakfast", Anna, her mother yelled.

"Sorry, mom. It's already late for school. Bye, I love you", she said and smiled sheepishly as she gave her mother a peck on the cheeks.

"I love you too, hun. But this is the last time you are skipping breakfast ", Mom said in a parental tone.

Bella barely nodded as she left the house. She checked her watch three to four times as she walked or more like ran to school. It has become a habit.

When Bella reached the school it was almost empty. There were only one or two people walking here and there. 'Okay not bad, only few people came', she thought. Usually, she would come super early to school so that no one would be around and she would make her way calmly to her class.

She marched to class and took her seat which was the desk in the last row in the corner of the class. Bella was a calm girl and extremely shy, especially around boys. She never had confidence to interact with people. She rarely spoke to people in school. She let her hair down covering her forehead fall down to hide her beautiful face inside. There were some rumors that she was a witch and talking to her would bring bad luck. So no one dared to talk to her. It seemed as if she simply did not exist in school.

Soon people came in and took their seats. The class was filled with laughing and giggling sounds. It seemed like everyone was having fun except for one girl, Bella who was sitting calmly like she did not exist. Mr. Russo, the history teacher, came in and cleared his throat to grab everyone's attention. Everyone took their seats. The class was quite boring but Bella listened attentively.

The class ended and everyone started to walk out. As usual, Bella was the last one to get out of the class. She made her way towards her locker daydreaming and ignorant of what was happening around her. She bumped into someone and her books fell down. She did not dare to see who she bumped into.

"Sorry sorry ", she apologized as she sat down to pick her books.

He was Jake, the most arrogant, rich, self-centered, narcissistic and hottest boy in school. Just his name could makes the girls scream. He changed his girlfriend like he changed his shirt. Ultimately, he was labeled as player. He never loved anyone and just had fun playing with several girls' heart.

"Hi, Jake dear", a girl said kissing him; she was his flavour of the month. That's when Bella realized she bumped into Jake who she thought as someone she must avoid. "Come on, dear, let's go" his latest fling pulled him away. Jake glances back to Bella as he walked away. He felt his girlfriend had become clingier and boring .That evening he broke up with Emma, his latest fling. She pleaded him not to do this to her, but he was cold heartedly shrugged and walked away.

The next day, Jake bragged to his friends that he could make any girl fall in love with him. Nick, who walked past them, heard him bragging .That's when it all started.

"Any girl? No way", Nick chuckled. Nick hated Jake ever since they were kids.

"Yes, any girl" Jake said confidently.

"Want to make a bet?, Nick asked daringly.

"Sure. Why not?" Jake said cockily and smirked at Nick.

"Make Bella swan fall in love with you within 7 days, Nick said as if it was an impossible job.

Jake had no idea who Bella was so he asked Nick, Who the heck is Bella swan?"

"Just like I expected. She is in our history class. And as a proof, you have to get a photo of you and her kissing ", Nick said and chuckled wickedly.

Andrew, one of the Jake's close friends, warned Jake not to accept the bet. But nothing could stop Jake as he pensively wanted to prove that he could make any girl fall for him.

"Okay, if you lost what do I get?", Jake asked arrogantly.

"I will be your slave for a week", Nick said.

"Get ready to be my slave", Jake said confidently.

"Same goes for you and today is Monday the dead line would be next Monday exactly at 3 pm", Nick said with a glint in his eyes.

"Deal", Jake said.

"Deal", Nick said as he walked out of boy's locker room with a sly smile on his face.

Jake had wonderful friends. He usually hangs out with Harry, Andrew and Shane. Harry and Shane were just like Jake, total players. But Andrew was little different from them he did not play with girls heart and was warm- hearted. He has crush on Emily ever since sixth grade and always has been her secret admirer. His friends often teased him about it but he never cares about it. Jake asked his friends about his next target Bella.

"She is a weirdo", Harry said as if stating something obvious.

"She looks like someone who came out from zombie land", Shane said making a weird face.

"They say she is a witch and talking to her brings bad luck", Harry said.

Jake ran his fingers through his hair in frustration.

"What the hell? Should I really get involved with this type of girl?", Jake snapped in annoyance.

"That's why I warned you, man" Andrew said.

"Don't rub it in my face as I said so, you jerk", Jake snapped at Andrew.

"You have to know this too. She doesn't talk to anyone. When she was new to this school people thought she was dumb, but after some weeks they found out that she could talk when she accidentally pushed something and said sorry", Shane said with sympathetic expression on his face.

"No way. There can't be anyone like that. Are you trying to fool me?", Jake said and shook his head in disbelief. Jake looked at Andrew and waited for him to say that they were just kidding.

"Yep, he is not lying", Andrew confirmed it to him.

"Whatever I don't care. I am winning this bet no matter what", Jake said with determination.

I know what you are thinking now... You think it's boring, right? Anyway don't give up... Then you will surely miss out the fun part in following chaps....!!!


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I would like to convey my special thanks to Karen Fajardo santos sis.

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