Girlfriend? Boyfriend?

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'Everybody wanna steal my girl
Everybody wanna take her heart away
Couple billion...'

Bella's phone rang.

"Bella! pick up the damn phone. I seriously can't tolerate these annoying British donkies voice ", Tyler whined.

" Shut up! They have awesome voices and they are epitome of hotness ", Anna said.

" Epitome of hotness? Hahaha so funny... They don't even have muscles. Their arms are practically twigs. ", Tyler said.

"Will you both shut up? I am trying to answer my phone here", Bella yelled.

"Hello", Bella said in phone.

"Hey, Bel. I am here", Jake said.

"Finally. God! I don't think I can tolerate these idiots anymore. I will be there in a minute", Bella said and sighed dramatically.

"I am out of here. Jake is here to pick up me", Bella said.

"Do you dislike our company that much that you are practically running out? ", Tyler asked pouting.

" Seriously no offense. You both have to stop bickering about the pointless things ", Bella said.

" It was not pointless", Anna defended.
"yeah, yeah bickering about whether earth worm is blue or brown colour definitely has a point ", Bella said sarcastically.

" Still I think it's brown colour", Tyler said.

"Ketchup, we are already past this. Earth worm is dark blue in colour", Anna said.

"Just stop it, guys. Earth worm is neither brown nor blue. It's pink and on top that we don't have that in our syllabus. So we no need to know about earthworm to ace the test. Anyway I am out of here. Bye", Bella said as she left his room.

When she opened the room, she saw Tyson standing outside.

"Hey, I was on the way to grab a drink from kitchen ", Tyson said.

Even though Bella didn't know where the kitchen was, she surely can say that it was not past Tyler's room as it was last room in that wing.

" Hey", Bella said trying to be polite.

"Do you want to grab one? ", Tyson asked smiling.

" Nah! I am just heading out", Bella said.

"Oh! Do you mind hanging out with me some other time? ", Tyson asked.

" Hmm... ", Bella said thinking of excuses. She quickly typed a message to Anna asking her to come out and save her.

" Come on, Bella. I don't eat people", Tyson said.

"Sorry, Tyson. But I have a boyfriend. ", Bella said.

" But dranster said you don't have one", Tyson said.

"she was just messing with you", Bella lied smoothly.

"so who is your boyfriend? ", Tyson asked.

" hmmm... ", Bella started but Anna bet her by saying, " Jake is". Bella's eye leapt out of her sockets on hearing it but she soon gained her composure.

"Bel, I have been waiting for more than 10 minutes. What the hell are you doing? ", Jake asked as he walked in.

" How the hell did you get in? ", Tyson asked.

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