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" Jake, you didn't do that to
me, right? ",  Bella asked him hoping he would deny it. Jake remained still and didn't dare to say anything . He did his best not to meet her eyes.

" Whatever I said is truth, babe ", Arthur said and smiled at her victoriously .

"  Tell me he is lying, Jake ", Bella pleased.

" I am sorry.. ", Jake said sincerely . His eyes were anywhere but on hers.

" I knew it was so good to be true. Who would like a girl like me?... ",  Jake tried to deny it  but she cut him off and continued,"All guys are just like my dad. All are a**holes. I thought you were different but you did a great job and proved me wrong. Btw you acted so well, I almost believed you liked me too."

"Bella, I like you ", Jake said in a low voice.

" Just shut up, Jake. Do you remember what you told me that day? The day when those bitchs dumped coke on me?",  Bella asked him.

'Please don't be doormat. When someone treats you bad, stand up for yourself, Yell at them, Scold them and even slap them if they deserved it'

He remembered it but he stood tongue tied.

"Why did I even think you would remember? All you ever did in this relationship is a huge act. You have great future in Hollywood, Jake . Good looks, miraculous voice and not to forget your amazing acting skills. You know what? You won. You fooled me. Congrats but I am seriously tired of being a doormat. ", Bella yelled.

Her eyes started to water and voice started to shake. She knew if she uttered a word more, her voice would crack and she would start sobbing. She didn't want to give that satisfaction to him.

"Bella, I didn't mean to... ", Jake started to say but she cut him off by slapping him. Jake was shocked but he knew he deserved it.

" Bella, I am sorry", Jake apologized again only to receive another slap from Bella.

"If you didn't know, your show is over. We are done ", Bella said to him. With that she turned over and walked away.

She tried her best not to cry at least not untill she reaches home. But the traitorous sob left her throat as she walked out of the school gate. Anna left early so that leaves her with no ride back home.

She continued to walk despite the tears falling from her eyes. She wiped her tears and quickened her phase. As she wanted to reach home early she took short cut. She walked through the dark alley. It would have scared her to death in normal circumstances but now she cared less. It was not safe but she didn't care. All she wanted to do was to curl in her bed and cry to her sleep.

She walked as fast as she could though the dark alley. Occasionally sobs left her. She couldn't stop the tears from falling.

"Hey there, babe", someone called her. She didn't respond and kept on walking.

"I just called you. Are you deaf? ",  someone said. She felt someone pulling her arm to stop her.

She stopped walking, shocked by the sudden contact. She turned to see who it was. Two drunkard guys stood behind her. She couldn't see their face with her teary eyes but she got the outline of their figure. They where dressed in ripped jeans and leather jackets as if it was dress code or something . They looked anything but inviting.

'Wow! A way to make my day better', Bella thought sarcastically .

"Babe, you look like you need a company. We sure need a one. What do you say, babe?", a guy in brown jacket asked her and smiled mischievously only to flash his yellow teeth.

Those guys looked like they were few years older than her. They must probably be in their early twenties. Both of them had piercing . Thankfully they were not too muscular. Bella was scared but she wanted to act strong. She didn't want them to think she was some weak girl who they can walk on.

"I think it would be nice if you shut up and moved out of my way", she snapped acting as if they didn't scare her.

"What if I didn't? Are you going to beat a shit out of me? ",  The guy in brown jacket asked and touched her cheeks.

As soon as his hand touched her, she yanked his hands off her and
spat ," Do not touch me douche-bag".

"Wow! Feisty, I like it", a guy with lip ring said.

"Come on, babe . If you do as we say, we won't hurt you. ", Guy in brown jacket warned her in a threatening tone.

"Leave me alone, you paedophiles. You guys look like you are old enough to be my father", Bella snapped.

"Are you kidding, Bitch ?", the guy with lip ring said and slapped her cheeks.

"I am done talking to you", the guy in brown jacket said and slapped her.

The guy with lip ring grabbed her from behind. He pinned both her hands behind her body. The other started to molest her. He was touching and feeling her everywhere. She  couldn't keep her strong facade anymore. She begged them to leave her.  Tears started to whelm down her face.

"Stop yelling, you bitch", the guy snapped.

She didn't so he had other idea and went in for a kiss . Before his lips could meet hers he was violently yanked off  her body. Her eyes was too watery to see what was happening. The other guy left her to help his friend. As soon as he left her, she collapsed on the ground and started to cry hard.

"Bella, Are you okay? ", Bella heard someone ask her. She recognized the voice as Jake's. She tilted her head up to confirm it. A very frustrated yet sad Jake stood before her.

Jake lend his hand to help her to get up. But she declined his help and got up on her foot by herself . She swiftly wiped her eyes and said," I am okay".

"Bel, Do know how foolish it is to walk through the alley at the night? Are you that stupid? ", Jake yelled at her.

" Stop yelling at me. Just because you saved me doesn't mean everything is okay with us. Don't act like you care. You don't give a shit about me. I know it. You are no better than them. Atleast they were clear with their intentions", Bella acidly spat the last part.

"Bel, I am seriously sorry about the bet", Jake said.

"I don't want your stupid apology, you jerk", Bella snapped and started to walk away.

"Bel, where are you going? ", Jake asked following her.

"Far away from you", Bella snapped. The fact that she wanted to say away from him hurt him.

"Let me take you home, Bel. It's dangerous ", Jake said.

" You are more dangerous. Just leave me alone ", Bella said silently.

" Bella, please ", Jake said.

" I am not coming anywhere with you", Bella said and continued to walk.

Tears pooled in her eyes. It started to trail down her face as she continued to walk. She heard footsteps behind her. She knew it was Jake but she was too tired to deal with him now. So she proceeded to walk towards her home. Jake followed her to home to make sure she was safe.

As soon as she reached her home, she took out the key and unlocked the door. Jake tried to talk to her. Before he could say anything, she shut the door on his face.

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