Is Everything A Game?

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No one was home. Bella's mom was on a business trip and Jessica was sleeping over at her friend's house. Bella locked the main door and walked to her room . She couldn't control her tears anymore. Tears started to freely trail down her face and sobs left her throat frequently.

'I am really foolish ', she thought. She couldn't accept the fact that every moments she shared with Jake was fake. That broke her heart. As soon as she reached her room, she removed
Jake's Jersey and roughly tossed it on the floor. All she wanted was to get rid of anything that was related to him.

"Jerk... Bastard", she cursed looking at his Jersey lying on the ground .

She neither bothered to change her jeans nor put on a top over her singlet. she just collapsed on the bed, curled into a ball and cried harder. All she could remember was his defeated expression when she confronted him.

Her phone rang. She avoided it as she was not in a mood to talk to anyone. But whoever calling her was persistent as her phone continued to vibrate in her pocket. So she took it in order to put it off.

"Where the hell are you, Ella? I have been waiting for you forever. Don't tell me you guys are making out in a random stop in the highway like last time", Anna said over phone.

"Anna... ", Bella sobbed.

" Bella, are you crying? What the hell did that jerk do to you? ", Anna asked.

" We..broke up ", Bella said between her sobs.

" Freaking A-hole. Where are you? ", Anna asked her.

" Home", Bella said.

"Will be there in ASAP. Is Jess with you? ", Anna asked.

" No, I am alone", Bella said.

"I will be there soon", she said and hung up.
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Calling bell rang indicating someone was at door. Bella opened the door, thinking it was Anna only to come face to face with least expected person. Jake stood before her uncomfortably.

As soon as she saw Jake, she tried to shut the door but he prevented her from closing the door by putting his foot.

"What the hell do you want, Jake? ", Bella snapped.

" Bel, you seriously have no idea how bad I feel about everything. I am really sorry. At first, I might have tried to be close to you because of the stupid bet but eventually my reasons changed. I don't know when it happened but I am seriously in love with you, Bel. Please don't break up with me", Jake said sincerely looking into her eyes.

'I love you too', she wanted to yell but she remembered how he played with her feelings.

"Wow! What the hell do you really want, Jake? You even used L-word. Isn't your sick game over yet? Or did you bet to bed me or something? Why the hell are you acting like this hurts you as much as it hurts me?", she said.

Her words hit him hard. He was frozen for a second. Taking this as the advantage, she tried to close the door again that made him to come back to his sense .

"Bella, I am not acting. I love you. You know what kind of person I am. I would never bet over something like that", He said with a wounded expression on his face.

'Don't fall for this, Bella. He is acting ', she thought.

"I seriously have no idea of what kind of person you are anymore. The person who I thought you
were, would never played with my feelings in first place ", Bella said. A tear drop slit down her face. She wiped it quickly as she didn't want to cry before him.

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