Roles are switched!!!

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Hey guys!! Sorry for not updating this long. I almost quit writing but I seriously considered writing again only after reading a certain comment of one of my excellent reader. Thank you so much. I dedicate this chapter to her.

Btw I got a happy news which is I got a laptop which means no more stupid autocorrect mode problems.


"Cindy changed it and she is lesbo", Harry said sighing.

"Seems like someone got an unrequited crush", Laura teased.

"Don't worry. You can easily pass as a girl if we get a wig on. I know you will do this for a girl you like", Jake said mockingly.

"I am not crazy like you to jump into a freezing pond at 2 am for a girl", Harry said smirking.

"I did what?", Jake yelled as he couldn't believe what he heard.

"Well, you did exactly what he said and that's not the only crazy thing you did yesterday", Andrew said laughing.

"I did other stupid things?", Jake asked for which all others nodded in reply.

"What exactly happened?", Bella asked.

"I don't know what happened before you left the party but I know everything that happened after you guys walked out the door", Laura said.

"Nothing much happened after they danced to kindergarten kid jam. They just danced to few more songs and decided to ditch the party. We followed them out and met you guys at the door", Anna explained to Laura.

"So where did we go next?", Jake asked.

"You guys just wandered around the streets for some time and we followed you", Shane said.

"Drunk or not I still can't believe that we didn't notice five weirdoes following us", Bella said in disbelief.

"Who said you didn't notice us?", harry asked.

"You guys found us after few minutes", Anna said.

"What did we do then?", Jake questioned.

"Well, you guys thought we were doppelgangers of us", Anna said and broke into laughter.

"HEY! We can't be that dumb. I don't believe you", Bella said defensively.

"Me neither", Jake said.

"We have proof. You guys even took a photo with us saying that you wanted to show our doppelgangers to us", Harry said. Jake took his phone out of his pocket and opened the gallery. The most recent picture was a photo of all seven of them in which Jake and Bella had a drunken smile on their face and others had panicked expression.

"I can't believe we both are dump drunk", Jake said and facepalmed himself.

"Me neither", Bella said.

"Actually you guys were not dump drunk. Bella was kind of badass drunk and Jake was sappy drunk", Shane said.

"Btw guys that's not the stupidest thing you did yesterday", Laura said.

"There is more?", Bella questioned.

"Yep and Now it's story time all sit your ass down and listen", Harry said with a wide mischievous smile on his face.


After taking a picture with their friends who they thought was their friends' doppelgangers, Bella said her farewell and dragged Jake along with her. She walked in the front with Jake staggering behind her.

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