Just The Beginning!

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The next morning, Jake was thinking how to make his first move. Someone's voice interrupted  his thought.  It was his physics teacher, Mrs. Fanning.

"Good morning students. You will be doing your physics assignment in pairs. And I will definitely be pairing you up", she said.



"Holy crap",

"aww man",


There was bunch of curses from the students.

'No way. God,  please help me. Please don't pair me up with a boy', Bella thought.

"Okay children, listen up. I will read out the names, so that you can find who you are paired up
with", Mrs. Fanning said clapping her hand.

"Emma Wilson, Hannah Lawrence"

"John carter, Laura miller"

"Andrew Perry, Emily Lauren"

'Way to go', Andrew thought as he smiled.

'God, God please help me', Bella was praying.

"Justin Dwayne, Melissa Rosalinda"

"Bella Swan, Jake carrel"

'What? No, no, no... God don't do this to me. Did I hear it, right? Of course not, it can't be real', Bella thought.

She was no longer aware of her surrounding, because she blanked out everything. She was consumed by her own thoughts.

'Yeah,  seems like it's gonna be interesting ', Jake thought as a victorious smile crawled onto his lips.

After class Jake walked to Bella's desk.

"Hi, I' m Jake Carrel", He said in his sexy voice and extended his hand for her to shake. Bella was shocked.

'No, no it can't be happening. It's just a bad dream. Wake up, Bella. Wake
up', she thought. She didn't even dare to raise her head and look at him. She was sitting on her chair looking down at the books that she was packing up.

"Hi, I....am....Bella...Swan", she stammered and extended her hand to shake his,  but still not making eye contact .

Jake shook her shaking, slender hand. 'Great! She is extremely nervous', he thought.

"What about our assignment? Do you have any ideas?", he tried his best to be friendly.

Bella got several glares from jealous girls. She became extremely nervous and uncomfortable because of the attention directed at her.

"Hey, hey can you understand me or not?", Jake asked trying his best not to show her his irritations.

"Yes. What? ...No", She stammered again.

"Do you have any ideas for the assignment? That's what I asked before", He said looking at her.

"No", somehow she managed to reply.

"I have some books and videos that might give us ideas about our project. Why don't you check them out today after school?", Jake asked casually.
Many girls were scowling when they heard it.

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